What are the questions that I Increase Revenue?


How to increase sales? This is certainly one of the recurring questions. We start from the assumption that, unfortunately, every contact, as well profiled, does not amount to a customer ready to buy.

Inbound Marketing and Web Marketing help in acquiring well-profiled contacts but to sell more and increase revenue, is of significant importance the contact’s qualification process.

Your Sales increased with non profiled contacts but with qualified leads!

The profiling is used to identify potential target customers by type, but the definition of that prospect tells you if the potential customer is ready to buy.

If you are a seller, a professional or a business owner you have to be clear that if you want to close more sales and increase revenue, make sure you’re in front of a qualified customer.

Your business inbound marketing or web marketing, if you are able to develop a marketing strategy effectively, can easily take many shapes contacts. Your business has to make that contact, a qualified contact.

If you are acting in a field or you sell a product / service / solution including at least a meeting of an advisory / relational nature with your potential customer to close a sale, you have to know how to operate as a true leader of the sale to be able to qualify your customer.

Essentially, to qualify a customer must identify:

  • Decision / economic power
  • Need
  • Urgency
  • Budget

Of course even the web marketing and inbound marketing activities can and should help create the need especially to those who have decision-making power, to create the urgency to buy and to make the necessary budget to understand but you’ll need to ask some questions to qualify your customer, that is, to see if it is not only concerned, also ready to buy.

The best way to do that is get information by asking the right questions and listening carefully to the answers.

I then list some questions, very simple, which can help you qualify the customer.

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These are questions that must aim to determine what is the organizational and decision-making structure of the potential customer. Then questions to get a better idea of who is / who are the decision makers and / or influencers.

Here the more complex example, that in the case where those decisions and those who have economic power are different people (medium and large companies): “What is the decision-making process within your company / organization to get to decide the purchase of a product / service / how our solution?”.

Again: “Who, besides you, is involved in making a decision of this kind?”. How do you see this second question, it is also useful and effective if your potential client is a small business, a sole practitioner / entrepreneur or even if it is private.

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Let’s talk about questions that help you determine if your product / service / solution is a necessity for your potential customer. You need to understand, in fact, if you’re able to fix an objective problem.

Here too, I propose several options, so that you can understand what used to adapt to your industry / type of customer: “What are the problems you are going through?” Or “How long has this problem?” Or “What made you decide to deal with this problem right now? ” … Or even … “What are the likely consequences for you if the problem persists?”.

Understand the concept?


Are questions to identify how serious the problem (or urgent to find an answer to a need) for your potential customer. This will help you figure out if you focus on the problem, the solution or, for example, ROI: “By what date you have to solve this problem?” Or “How urgent is for you to find a solution?”

Clear sense?


We are therefore useful questions to figure out if your potential customer can afford your product / service / solution. To qualify, you need to understand what it plans to spend to meet its needs: “You have already allocated a budget for this?” Or “What are your expectations on the return on investment for the purchase of this product / service / solution?”

Of course are all examples useful only to make you understand the concept. In some cases, it may be perfect for your business / customer / product / service, in other cases you will need to rework or create special.

What matters is that you have your own set of questions to qualify your potential customer?

Ask questions and listen carefully is the key to qualify both your contacts that to understand if you are actually facing a real opportunity to quickly close a sale.