How to start your own eyelash extension business

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Have you seen those people who do not own the region of very bulky eyelashes? Well, this has been a source of discontent for the female audience – and also for men, over the years.

With the arrival of eyelash extensions, this situation has been resolved, being very helpful for those people to invest more in their aesthetics and satisfy their desires.

While the market is already competitive because of the fact that beauty salons and also independent already offer the service, if you provide a more qualified service, you will have better possibilities to open upfield in the sector!

Now, if you are interested in investing in this microniche of beauty, then we show you how to start a successful eyelash extension business with the highest possible quality. Take note! Before anything else, if you want to test your products and skills, you should consider a frameless vanity mirror.

How to start your own eyelash extension business

The main method to apply the extensions is through the use of adhesive glue to glue the tabs individually one by one on which you already have (this is to prevent the tabs from sticking together), thus giving greater volume and curvature to the eyelashes.

It should be noted that false eyelashes and eyelash extensions are not the same.

Usually, a session lasts for a month or two and may vary depending on the growth of the eyelashes or the care of the client during this period.

What is necessary to work with the lengthening of eyelashes?

The first thing you have to do is seek knowledge about the techniques more rigorously. Find courses that fit your pocket and also have good grades.

The course will help you not to make mistakes during the service and thus avoid making the situation unpleasant.

Another important point on how to set up a business of eyelash extensions is to obtain products certified by some sanitary entity, to avoid any damage to the eyelids of your customers.

how to start your own eyelash extension business: 4 important points!

# 1 – Know your audience

Do you want to offer your service only to women or men too? Until what age? What social class? All this influences your focus, location and the prices you will charge for services.

Study your target audience and have this planning or analysis put into practice when taking the next steps. So you will make each advance consciously.

# 2 – Define where you are going to work

You need to define if you want a small place, work at home, at home or outsource your services to a beauty salon.

If you decide to work from home, it is important that you select a specific space in your home just for this.

If you want to have an eyelash extension business in a small place,  make sure your competitors have nearby establishments and look for a place that has visibility.

There is also the option of attending home, which brings comfort to the client and is quite common for other aesthetic techniques. Ideally, you have transport to move at any time and at any time.

# 3 – Search for quality products

As mentioned above, purchase products certified by health institutions, to maintain the quality of your services. Also, try to keep them in well-ventilated and well-sealed places.

This directly influences your business, the quality of what you offer to your customers and also their acceptance of it. If you want to have a  lucrative eyelash extension business, you need to take care of this aspect.

# 4 – Make a good disclosure

Choose online and offline channels to invest in your business. The brochure, for example, is a good way to disclose your services to the public that does not have so much Internet access and needs, of course, to know what you offer.

Social networks should, more than ever, be in your outreach and marketing plan . There are two that stand out: WhatsApp Business and Instagram.

Through the first option, you can maintain contact with your clients, from time to time send news and strengthen the relationship.

Already on Instagram you can intensify your publications, disseminate videos, photos, and promotions. Besides feeding enough the Stories function.

That would be all, now it is up to you to put this business into practice.

I hope you liked the article and that it helps you to get to work this business!

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