Facebook ADS: Mistakes to avoid

Facebook ADS

The Facebook ADS are a formidable tool to reach people potentially interested in what we offer, let us know and also lead them to the purchase of our products / services, but, despite being for everyone, also require knowledge of the tool, the principles of online advertising and … of Marketing!

Today we’ll tell you how to avoid wasting time and money on Facebook.

What are the mistakes not to commit with Facebook ADS?

1. Do not have a specific goal

It is easy to be convinced by the various calls to action that Facebook puts before our eyes every day (“Find new customers”, “Highlight the post”, “Reach xxx people near xxx”), however, if you do not have a specific goal, reach a number of people unnecessarily, collecting a handful of likes and comments that have little meaning in terms of business.

Before starting a campaign, ask yourself: why do I want to do it? What goal do I have? Reach potential customers with a specific message? Which action do I want them to do? Do you become a fan? Do they know a certain content? Do you subscribe to my newsletter? Do you buy something?

The same platform of Facebook ADS helps you to define the goals … but first you must have them clear!

2. Do not have a specific target

The real plus that offers Social Media Advertising is to reach people potentially interested in what you offer, thanks to their demographic characteristics, interests, hobbies, work and all the specifics that define your target.

If you do not have a precise target to which you can address and well defined a priori risks of spending a lot and not having anything like return … after all, it is about giving the right message to the right person, right?

Identify all the features that make up your potential customer before leaving and evaluate the catchment area that Facebook ADS offers you; 26 million target users are a bit generic, do not you think?

Facebook ADS

3. Do not experiment … one item at a time!

To reach the right person with the right message and to invest your money the best you have to experiment: head type of insertion, message and target to be able to understand which road is more performing.

You can try out different images, different placements (e.g. Newsfeed Desktop, sidebar, Newsfeed Mobile), CTA -Actions to action- different, different payment methods (CPC, CPM, CPMo), always remembering to change one item at a time in so as to be able to understand which single gear is more functional than the others.

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4. Do not analyze the results of your listings

Once your campaign – or your test – has ended, analyze the results based on the goals you were given.

There are important metrics to keep an eye on (CTR, Frequency, Scope, etc.), but the fundamental ones are related to the specific objectives of your listing: what was the cost for the desired action? What results did it bring in terms of business? Was this a lead generation campaign? How many leads did you bring and at what cost?

5. Do not carefully set budgets and publication times

Although it seems a trivial mistake, we were often able to hear customers who, not having paid due attention when inserting the budget and publication period of the Group Insertions, have found themselves charged with dizzying figures by Facebook. Argue because they had entered the wrong end date or given a “daily” budget instead of “for life”.

Before starting the publication of our adverts, we always make sure that you have entered the correct budget, the payment method (total or daily) and the start and end dates.

Whatever the goal of your ADS, always use:

  • Quality images, optimized for the various types of listings and placements
  • Clear and targeted calls for action (the user must immediately understand what you want him to do)
  • Conversion pixels if the goal is for an external website

And you, do you have other mistakes to avoid that you want to signal us?