How to Start a Food Truck

Food Truck

Currently, a great love for mobile food stalls has developed, especially for those that offer a different concept than what we are used to, this time we will talk about how to start a Food Truck, one of the trend food businesses.


Like many of the trends that develop around the world, that of food trucks in food businesses comes from the United States where this type of business is represented, as the result of all the changes in the food culture of that country, which has gone from the makeshift sausage carts to the now Food Trucks, which are nothing more than small trucks adapted as complete mobile kitchens, with integrated water and gas service.

The food industry observes how demand for this type of business increases due to slow economic growth; customers are currently looking for good quality food at low prices. And many office workers now have less time to eat breakfast or lunch; all these factors have influenced the development of new food business concepts.

For many entrepreneurs, small and mobile food businesses have a much lower cost than any establishment such as a restaurant can have. In addition to being able to move easily from one place to another, until they find the best-selling place; This in our opinion is one of the most important benefits of this type of business.


The trucks food, which translates literally as food trucks. Because they are small trucks that are adapted to become a mobile food business; they can carry a large number of foods and more sophisticated equipment than a food cart.

The food that is generally prepared in this type of business is that of fast food to prepare as lunch for office workers and students. Such as sandwiches, skewers, tacos, hamburgers, and other fast food preparation and easy consumption for customers. Many businesses have chosen to also offer healthy or vegetarian food or in other cases ribs or wings on the barbecue.

The truck’s food is quite successful in places like parks or places with a limited number of restaurants or food businesses. Many of these establishments have agreements with concessionaires to settle in a single place. Such as the parking lot of a commercial plaza or a residential area.

Despite the easy mobility of these types of establishments, a fairly large place is needed to park a truck in this class. So we recommend that you look for a place where there is enough space for your truck. And so that your clients can consume without any problem or danger.

It is important that, like any food business, health laws are complied with, which will not involve a very large expense due to the size of your business, approach the experts to properly develop a business plan for food trucks.