Start your window cleaning business

window cleaning business

Cleaning is not only an important but necessary aspect, especially if we are talking about companies and businesses to which people visit these establishments every day and that have glass in their windows. However, the staff that is in charge of cleaning it is not always the one they have within the facilities. So they hire other companies that offer specific window cleaning services.

With cleaning tools, a good business plan, and good service, we can turn this idea into a profitable and successful business. How? Let’s see the following steps:

Training in the fieldwindow cleaning business

In this first point, we will talk about the knowledge you must have to do this work. Although you do not need to have the training, nor will it be necessary to have sophisticated technology, what I do recommend is to know very well the operation of each product that you are going to use, new cleaning techniques and in this way, we will obtain better results.

The material you will need

In addition to the cleaning products and utensils that you will require and the elements to clean upper floors windows. It is important that you have a means of transport at your disposal completely. This transport can take your clients along with your materials and it will allow you to easily transport yourself. So you can meet all your customers. Remember also to wear a coverall that allows you to wear work clothes to protect yourself.

The audience you are addressing

Mainly this type of service is demanded by large and large companies and businesses. Many small businesses try to take charge of this process to avoid expenses. In addition to companies, other types of sites where you can go are schools, universities, business buildings, hospitals, shopping centers, agencies, and entities, among others. Your field of possibilities is very wide and the best, in each one of them you will need the same elements.

Operating permitswindow cleaning business

These are the permits granted by the control and regulatory bodies of companies and businesses with which you will be able to operate and offer your service legally to your clients. The documents will certify you as a legal business for a particular service with which you can support your promotion to those who may be interested in hiring you.

Personal for businesswindow cleaning business

Although this depends on the dimensions of the work you are going to do. It is important to have one or two more people with whom you can work or who even work for you. It is extremely necessary when we talk about requests for the service in a larger dimension. Such as a 7-story company. If we do it ourselves, it will take us much longer than if we have another person, which allows us to save time and, if possible, assist a new client on the same day.

Possible drawbacks: Being a business in which we must acquire a series of specific products to offer a service. It is possible that if you do not have the correct handling of money. The investment will be lost quickly. What we recommend is to analyze the investment capital very well and quote the products and materials that you will need, taking into account those that we have named in point 2.

Key: We have left the subject of promotion as advice since in this type of business advertising must be done differently. Initially, we recommend starting with traditional advertising. In such a way that you make your business known with flyers and cards that you leave in companies. Business fairs, shopping centers, among others. Later it will be convenient to start up a website where you count your services and place photos of services performed.

Remember that it is not only about leaving impeccable glass. But also about leaving a good image, a good experience for the customer, and in general. A positive reference that will soon allow us to continue growing. Stay constant and committed to your work. Because no one said that starting your own business would be an easy task. But it is not impossible if you want to.