Home Office and Productivity: 7 Tips to Concentrate and Work Better


When you have the home office, what to do per work well and be productive, despite the many distractions present in the home? Here are 7 tips to consider every day to achieve the goal in a simple and immediate: practical tips specifically designed to provide support to those who perform professional activities in their own home!

# 1- Know the personal rhythms

To work better from home must first identify junctures of the day where productivity is higher. If, for example, you wake up at 5 am to be operational from 6 am and we spend the next 8-10 hours in a state of complete drowsiness, you do not get anything good.

Understand personal pace and make the most of the moments when your brain makes more, it allows you to maximize professional performance, reducing stress to a minimum.

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# 2- Use appropriate tools

Any freelance or self-employed with home office can drive performance, using an instrument suited to individual needs.

Download software like Trello to manage projects or install programs like Skype to communicate with colleagues, it allows you to become immediately more productive but that such solutions prove really effective, you should test them individually, excluding those on the fly too complex or difficult to use.

# 3- Do not underestimate the benefits of distractions

Those who aspire to work well from home, he should remember to never underestimate the benefits of distractions. Despite the tranquility of domestic environments, it may seem perfect to increase the yield, in reality the brain needs minor periodic breaks, enabling it to recharge the batteries to maintain high levels of concentration.

When in your own living room take over from anxiety and loneliness feelings, and then move a few hours in an environment like the co-working to immediately resume contact with the outside.

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# 4- Use the flexibility to your advantage

The flexibility of freelancing and freelance professionals must be used to work better every day. A key benefit of those who work from home on their own, is that it can choose at will when be productive if in a few days will be useful to stay with your head down on the desk for 10-12 hours straight, in others there we can afford the luxury to devote the professional activity much less time. The board is to manage time in a responsible manner, making it as flexible as possible.

# 5- Do not think about work during the breaks

To increase productivity is important to consider the breaks as times when you should not for any reason in the world thinks about work. Whether it’s lunch, rather than the mid-morning or afternoon break, you have to keep in mind that these situations are simply to allow to rest the mind.

How to use the time available? Reading a book, talking of this and that chatting with colleagues, taking a walk: not everything related to the professional field should be handled before returning to your desk.

# 6- Also accept serenely non-productive days

Regardless of whether you play a self-employed or employee, every now and everyone has to deal with non-productive days. If yesterday the operation has reached maximum levels, today will probably be much less productive.

Take these days so serene and avoid feeling guilty towards your professional activity even when the yield falls, because the quiet moments help the practitioner to recuperate expenses previously.

# 7- Fall in love with working from home

The first rule is to fall in love with working from home. Know yourself, understand what are your habits and project itself into the idea of working from the house doing everything possible to live in a serene way.

It will present many challenges, but will not miss the great satisfaction: whether to work in the domestic context on the one hand requires an unquestionable strength of will, on the other hand, however, it allows to obtain the benefits (such as flexibility, autonomy and independence) completely unrelated to the employees.

These are our 7 tips for working well at home: valuable tips to follow every day to maximize your professional performance.