Sales Techniques: Make an appointment with the client impossible


Also make an appointment can simply be a serious challenge if you do not pay attention to the right details: 5 tips to not fail in the enterprise and conquer even the most stubborn customer.

In the field of sales techniques, how to succeed in the enterprise to set up an appointment with the client impossible? Be heard by great entrepreneurs, executives or multinational managers is far from simple, but following our tips below practical, the chances of achieving the goal will be greater. Ready? Let’s get started!

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# 1- Propose a product-amazing service

When you try to arrange a meeting with level people, the aim is to stimulate the attention.

The first mission is therefore arouse the curiosity of someone becoming a source of interest. Although tools such as social networks allow you to identify (at least roughly) the needs of executives, to get direct to the upper floors we must strive to do the best job possible, leaving an indelible mark in the minds of the interlocutors.

# 2- Provide an additional incentive

The ideal would be able to give added value to the first contact, offering to provide an incentive in case the customer accepts the meeting. Beware though, this is not a bribe customer, indeed.

To clarify we make an example: imagine we are a communications agency and want to make an appointment with a big potential client to be able to present all the services you offer. In that case, we could offer to make, during the meeting, an intervention with a small free advice that makes the most valuable the offer made to the customer’s eyes. In this way we could arouse interest in our party and, at the same time, we would have the opportunity to also give proof of our professionalism and our actual skills.

# 3- Giving due importance to the server

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid is to not give the right importance to the server of the client with whom we want to get an interview.

Assistants are resources are fundamental and should be treated with the same respect reserved for our interest to contact. Their role is also central because they represent the first real connections with the company in question.

The Board is, therefore, to never underestimate the importance that may have assistants at startup of a new partnership.

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# 4- Fix the meeting

Once you get the interview, we recommend to use one of the many productivity tools available online to make the organization of the meeting easier and faster.

Will they allow to avoid long and tedious stage where usually the participants lose hours to agree on when, where and how to make an appointment.

Browsing the web there are many other solutions to reduce to a minimum waste of time and to better coordinate the availability of the parties invited to the meeting.

# 5- Proceed with caution

Being able to attend a meeting is not the only goal to achieve when you want to shake a new collaboration, because the other hard part comes when you are face to face with the new contact person. What did he say? How you set the conversation? And if you offer the wrong products-services?

To avoid such situations, it is important to start an exploratory conversation, which allows to really identifying the company’s needs. After doing so, it is then advisable to share with the other person a few examples of similar work carried out successfully on behalf of other clients. Please avoid too aggressive approaches focused on the task of selling and make rather to understand exactly the actual needs.

These our insider tips on sales techniques: 5 tips to put into practice to make an appointment with bigwigs and successful manager.