How Guys Can Rebuild Their Wardrobe

Things happen. Theft, fire, any number of calamities can befall you and your home. When something bad occurs and significant losses are suffered, we usually think about the electronics, the artwork on the walls, anything of major value. However, we don’t typically consider the loss of your wardrobe.

If the house burns down, you’re probably not racing to your closet to grab as many shirts and slacks as you can scoop up in your arms before running outside to safety. Once the smoke clears, you may be left with nothing but the shirt on your back. If you ever experience a total loss of your clothes and other accessories, fear not, we’re going to help you rebuild that wardrobe with these essential purchases.


This is a fundamental staple of any good wardrobe. Get a pair (or two) that won’t fade, lose their shape, and fit just the way you like them. You may even consider getting multiple shades, a dark pair and a lighter pair or a pair that you can go out in and another to wear around the house.

Oxford Button-down Shirt

You’re going to need some button-downs to wear to work and play. They work on their own or under a sports coat or suit with a tie. Patterns and solid colors are up to you, but you may want to grab a couple of each so your wardrobe has some flair and definitely get at least one white shirt. You can wear it with literally anything.

Sports Coat

The type of cut and material you prefer are all up to you but buying at least one or two jackets to wear with a button-down or a T-shirt can be a versatile solution to wearing the same thing everyday. A good sports coat can keep it casual when need be or a little more formal when the occasion calls for a clean-cut appearance.

Crewneck T-shirt

There’s nothing better than a soft cotton crewneck to throw on before you leave the house. Wear one under your sports coat or beneath a button-down for a layered look. When the summer months get here, all you need is your crewneck and a pair of shorts and you’re ready to hit the beach. It’s definitely a better choice than walking around in a that’s too much bacon said no one ever shirt.

Flat-front Fitted Shorts

Speaking of the summer months, you’re going to need shorts. You can’t wear jeans and khakis everywhere as temperatures reach the 80’s or 90’s in mid-August. Finding a way to cool off is easy and you’ll always look stylish when you’re clad in some fitted flat-front shorts