How much do dog groomers make

how much do dog groomers make

Loving animals is reason enough to work with them, that is why many people have specialized in their care, games, training and incidentally, dedicate themselves to the image care business. Being a dog groomer is not a very old profession but now it has become too popular as some people have decided not to have children, but a dog at home. How much do dog groomers make? This is a great reason to make the decision to be the newest pet groomer in your area.

How much do dog groomers make?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, a veterinary assistant, related to a dog grooming career, has a median salary of $ 13.75 per hour, something like an average of $ 28,590 per year. The states that pay the most for staff who assist veterinarians are Maine, with an annual salary of $ 41,000, Massachusetts with $ 40,070, Connecticut with $ 35,210, California $ 33,680, and New York with $ 33,220 per year.

how much do dog groomers makeBooming industry

Pampering animals is what it is today. Across the United States there has been a growing popularity of dog spas. Hairdressing salons, even at home, offer services such as haircuts, “paticuras”, massages and aromatherapy treatments.

Factors to consider

A dog groomer must have certain characteristics, such as patience, good relationship with pets as well as with people.
Then, you must put together a strategy to know how much you are going to earn, how much you should charge for the services, whether they are packaged or individual, but above all how much competition you have and the scope of customers you must achieve.

Excellent physical shape

Dealing with an animal will always involve a physical effort to contain it, to lift it from the ground, carry it to place it on a plate or attach its leash. If you have asthma, arthritis, or pet allergies, for example, this may not be the right company for you.

Where will your business be?

Think of a suitable place to house all kinds of hairdressing services, with a waterproof floor, adequate plumbing, access to a bathroom, with a hose area, etc., everything that has to do with a canine aesthetic and above all that can be groomed with ease.