how to cancel an ebay bid

how to cancel an ebay bid

Typically once a bid is made on eBay, you are committed to paying for the item if no one bids higher than you. However, eBay does provide a bid retraction process for error cases, item info versions, or unreachable sellers.


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1. Check that you qualify to request a retraction of the offer. Retraction is only allowed if you have made a serious mistake when entering the bid amount (for example, by typing $ 5250 when you intend $ 525), the seller makes changes to the item description that affects your decision, or that They are unable to reach the seller with questions or problems.

2. Make sure you are within the time frame to request the offer retraction. While the auction has more than 12 hours remaining, you can request a retraction at any time. If the auction ends within the 12 hour period, you must submit your retraction request within the hour of bidding.

3. Fill out an offer retraction form if you meet the requirements. The offer retraction form requests the announcement number of the article and an explanation of the withdrawal request.

4. Ask the seller to remove your offer if you cannot request a retraction of the offer. Links to contact the seller are located at the top right of the inclusion in the article. The decision of whether to completely remove your offer is up to the seller.

Tips and Warnings

Carefully review all information in an item listing including item description and possible fees (such as shipping and taxes) before determining the bid amount. Use the links on the listing item page to contact the seller if you have any questions.

After entering an offer for the first time, you are given the opportunity to review the information you have entered before confirming it. Don’t just hit the “Confirm” button. Take a moment to carefully read the entire length.

If your offer is retracted due to an error, you will have to submit a new offer for the corrected amount.

You cannot retract purchases made using “Buy Now”.

Think carefully before requesting offer retractions. Your eBay profile retraction listing activity and sellers can choose to block bidders who have multiple bid retractions.

The excessive use of retraction of the offer can lead to the suspension of the eBay account.