How to start a perfume business

How to start a perfume business

In this guide, step by step, I will give all the valuable information on how to open a perfumery. Nowadays, as you can see wandering around the various shopping centres, most of the perfumeries present are linked to a chain or a brand. In short, the perfumeries themselves exist almost exclusively in the franchising model and the more artisanal and autonomous shops are pretty limited. All this is because customers are used to having guarantees linked to an internationally renowned perfume brand.

How to start a perfume business

How to start a perfume businessHowever, it must be said that opening this type of business can certainly give satisfaction, considering that it is also possible to sell other products useful for the body such as creams, lotions, nail polishes, and make-up accessories. Therefore, those who deal with perfumery activities must still know in detail the characteristics of the creams they sell and all other products so as to be able to inform customers about what they intend to buy. Opening a perfumery is very simple, even if some procedures required by the regulations must be followed in force.

Steps to start a perfume business

Constancy, commitment and obviously an initial capital are the first conditions to be met to make a dream come true. The first useful step is to structure a Business Plan that considers the current economic and financial landscape.

The business in question can be started on its own or as a franchise, but in the latter case the requirements are different as a certain size of the premises and an area where the franchise for which you opt is not already present is required. It will then be essential to manage in the best possible way a series of resources such as suppliers, employees, and all the expenses of the premises. You will then have to constantly keep up with the market, satisfy it and always choose quality products.

The opening of the VAT number

It will be essential to open a VAT number, without which wholesale and retail sales would be precluded. Furthermore, as always when you decide to open a business, it is essential to register with the Chamber of Commerce of your province and with the INPS, that is the social provident institution without which it would not be possible to pay pension and insurance contributions. and INAIL, which provides all financial support in the event of an accident in the workplace.

The search for the place

It will now be necessary to look for a suitable place to be able to practice the perfumery business. It is always good to choose a place where there is a significant influx of people, for example, close to a large city. Once the place has been found, if it does not exceed 150 square meters, it is sufficient to send an authorization to the Municipality in which the commercial property is located, thirty days prior to the premises’ opening. In the absence of a prohibition by the institution, it will be possible to open the doors of your company on the scheduled date.

If the property exceeds 150 square meters, it is necessary to wait for explicit authorization from the municipality, which will first verify its viability. Once these obstacles have been overcome, one will necessarily have to deal with contracts with suppliers, which will allow them to find the goods to sell to their customers. Also, the options available are various: the supplier could propose to pay for the delivered goods after the actual sale (convenient option but for which not all cosmetic companies opt), or it could require a minimum purchase with immediate payment.

The initial investment costs

Speaking now of the initial investment costs, it must be said that the latter depends on various factors, namely whether you are on your own or are affiliated with a certain brand, as well as the size of the venue and the choice of the area in to operate. If you decide to open in a totally autonomous way, you must know that the initial investment will be medium-high, given that all the costs concerning the manufacturers, the relative certifications, the marketing and then the salaries of the employees.

It follows that to achieve all this a substantial capital will be indispensable, which will vary according to one’s actual needs and personal tastes in terms of furnishings. In case you do not have such a large sum.