How to become a freight broker?

How to become a freight broker

In this guide, we explain how and what we must do to become a freight broker, that is the professional figure who manages to organize the intermediation between truck drivers and producers who need to transport the goods. A broker of this type plans the entire process in a timely manner, whether he works for himself or employed by a company. Let’s get to work immediately and good luck to all of you, who will decide to follow our advice, reported in this simple and quick guide!

How to become a freight broker?

How to become a freight brokerAs far as your studies are concerned, you will need a high school diploma, preferably in science, so that it will provide you with a good foundation in mathematics and computer science, two areas that you will need a lot in the profession. Subsequently, it would be good if you enrolled in a degree course in Economics and Commerce, even if it is not strictly necessary. Instead, it will be essential to follow a specific course to become a freight broker, which is usually held at universities or centers for professional specialization, and require a registration fee. Within the lessons you will learn the main business management techniques, planning strategies and how to make the most of the IT tools that will serve in your work.


At the end of the training course, you will have to do an internship that generally lasts from six months to a year, at a company in the sector. In this period you will learn the secrets of the trade in the field, and to manage from start to finish all the path that goes from the request for transport of the goods to their arrival. Remember that a freight broker, in addition to having technical skills, must have excellent organizational skills, interpersonal skills for negotiation and empathy and above all a great propensity to work for objectives and purposes, within a well-structured team.


When you have finished your internship, you can start looking for a real job. If you decide to take up the profession, you must ask the Revenue Agency for the VAT number and the Tax Code relating to your company name. If, on the other hand, you want to find employment with a brokerage company, consult daily job posting websites, especially those that offer the sending of an updated newsletter directly to your email, which lists all the available places. In addition to this, also sign up with temporary agencies in your area, which will send your CV to the companies to be viewed directly by them.

And here in a few steps, we will be able to become very effective freight brokers, who will immediately find an excellent job! To become an excellent and effective broken good, are this article and these our tips, it will be really simple!