How to Find and Get the No Experience Jobs Near Me

no experience jobs near me

Everyone’s dream is to get out of university and find a job related to what we study. So, we are passionate about, that we get a job without experience, that we get paid very well, and of course not spend months … or years looking for it. If you are looking for no experience jobs near you, you are in the perfect place. I will give you the suggestions only how I have got no experience jobs near me.

But the reality is that we all face the endless cycle of not being hired for lack of experience and not having experience for lack of work. Does it sound familiar to you?

Tips for getting no experience jobs

no experience jobs near me

58% of a determining factor for recruiting a person is experiencing, while the remaining 42% focuses on the candidate’s personality and their performance in the interview.

With this data, it seems almost impossible to get a job without previous experience, but don’t worry, we all have to start somewhere, so below, we will tell you what you should and not do to enter the world of work.

Ghost Company


Inventing a company and creating a whole story about it, from the position you held to the time you were there. Remember that the most likely thing is that the HR department will be in charge of investigating if the data you provided is correct, so, when they discover the sham, they will automatically discard you from the selection process.


Accept that you do not have professional experience. Instead, you can highlight your skills and projects that you have done and how you solved a challenge in college. The experience is not necessarily found in another job. You can also acquire it from school.

Enterprise stalker

Go to the interview knowing only the name of the company and the person who quoted you.


Investigate the company beforehand. Nowadays, there is no longer a pretext to inform yourself well about the place where you will go since most of them are already on all social networks and/or have their website.

It is essential that you know what they do and knows their products or services. If you want to have a plus, read about its history, mission, vision, values, etc. In this way, you can also know if you are related to their culture.



Take your lack of employment as a “vacation” and stay static, waiting for your ideal job to arrive.


To get a job without experience you must learn everything about the sector and the position that interests you, read blogs, join groups on social networks and forums, watch tutorials, in short, become an expert in the field. If you have the possibility, sign up for workshops, diplomas and certifications.

The boss


Trying to get a very high position or salary in your first job.


Be aware that you are just starting and look for jobs where you can put your knowledge into practice. The goal is to start gaining experience so you can move up the ranks. Make it clear to the interviewer that you are willing to learn.

The big jump


Carry out your professional internship in companies that are completely unrelated to the field in which you would be interested in working.


Keep in mind that your social service or professional internship could be the only experience to add to your CV, so make sure that the area in which you support or the activities you carry out are related to the position you would like to get.

Also, there is the possibility that at the end of your internship and depending on your performance, they may offer you a place right there.

For the love of art


Fleeing from unpaid work.


It is clear that nobody likes to work for free, however, on some occasions, it is necessary to gain experience, you can choose to volunteer or collaborate in independent projects, this can help a lot for your CV.

Look for work as a trainee, this modality will help you a lot since you can enter the area of ​​your interest and the same company will be in charge of teaching you and providing you with all the tools to gain experience.

In white


Go to interviews without being prepared.


Find out about the best practices for job interviews, prepare your possible answers. The most important thing is that you focus on highlighting your skills, abilities, knowledge and what you can contribute in the future.

Remember that the most important thing to get a job without experience is that you have all the willingness to learn and keep in mind that we all start from the bottom.

Tips for getting no experience jobs

It is not enough to know what options you have if you want to look for work without experience. Therefore, we also want to give you some tips to get a job with success and without experience, you will not get lost on the way and, above all, always keep your spirits. Take note!

Set goals

This implies being clear about your interests and where you want to go in your career. To do this, you need to put together a CV with great effort and have an impeccable letter of recommendation. Quantity is not quality, and do not worry about filling your resume with irrelevant things. This can be counterproductive, according to human resources experts.

Don’t stop browsing and learning

Nothing better than finding something that you are passionate about. If you are lucky enough to have a job doing what you like, it will be easier to keep up to date in your field. Do not miss the opportunity to continue learning and keep up to date with the news related to your career.

With this, you will have many advantages in your career line. If you have not yet been lucky enough to find something of yours, do not despair and continue training. Remember that you can work as a freelancer and impart your knowledge and surprise the world.

Show confidence in the interview

Applying for a job with no prior experience may make you nervous. Don’t let this happen! Focus on your skills and knowledge and convince whoever recruits you that you are there to give your all and to learn. Trust your abilities and preparation.

Take the time to release stress. Take a deep breath, meditate and know yourself thoroughly. Thus, you will be able to identify and highlight your skills, and then focus on them and express them confidently and firmly at the time of the job interview.


The experiences you have had in volunteering add a lot to your CV. Not only for your development of job skills but also your social commitment. This speaks highly of you. But be careful, don’t do it just for the selfie helping others.

You will discover that the satisfaction of contributing to a cause is indescribable and bidirectional. How so? Both parties benefit.

Make contacts

Surround yourself with people who encourage you to learn more, such as more experienced professionals in your field, people with more experience in the world of work, or business skills. Look at potential partners, clients, or advisors. Listen to their advice and put it into practice.

We are not talking about influence peddling, but a good way to find a job without experience, or with it, is through recommendations. Create a network of contacts and do not be ashamed to ask for support. You are doing nothing wrong.

Be constant

Do not give up! Even if you dare to undertake, you may not get the expected results at first. But nobody said it was easy. Consistency is a virtue that you must adopt to succumb to the obstacles that normally arise when looking for work without experience.