What is no nonsense forex?

no nonsense forex

How about the trader? I hope everything goes well with your no nonsense forex trading and other aspects of your life! Have you ever thought of any mathematical formula or system or indicator to help you trade with consistent results?

I do (some years ago). And even though I would like to think that something like this exists, the truth is that it does not exist and has never existed and will not exist. As simple as that.

So please stop thinking about it …

It is time to think of trading as the real thing. Something that will help you achieve your professional goals. Because that is only in the middle of achieving other goals and your personal goals. Spend more time with your family, doing things that you enjoy, etc.

What is no nonsense forex?

Well, I want you to think about every trade you open from now on and ask yourself the following question:

no nonsense forex

Do I think the market is going to move in that direction? Why? Is it because an indicator is telling me? That makes no sense. Is it because there is a Fibonacci level of retracement? That makes no sense. Is it because my cat jumped twice instead of once? That makes no sense…

Or may be…

Why is the market itself telling me that it is likely to continue moving in that direction?

Now if we are talking …

Wait a minute … And how do you know the market is telling you that? I thought you were going to ask me. And I prepared this analysis for you.

USD AUD analysis

Here we have the day chart:


Going down. You see, I told you it was very easy. Well, we’re done, now you can go. Hehe, don’t believe it… it was a joke. It is somewhat difficult to know which direction it can move in the graph above.

But now, I show you with an additional tool:


Now, if it’s a little easier, right? As the market was rejected from the resistance level, it will likely continue its downward movement …


Now it does make sense, right? This is how trading should be. It is much easier, more reliable. It makes you feel more comfortable. In the end, it helps you to operate with discipline. And once you have discipline, consistency is right around the corner. Now you know what I mean, right?


Do the way you analyze and trade make sense? What do you think of my USD AUD analysis? From my point of view, it is one of the clearest pairs of all.

Tips for no nonsense forex

To the rest, to those who want to dedicate themselves to no nonsense forex, a couple of recommendations:

  1. Are you unemployed, in debt and want to be a Forex trader to get out of your hole? Do not get into this. Forex is something very serious, where you can lose a lot of money and it requires a lot of experience to earn more than you spend.
  2. Have a clear plan. Invest whatever money you can afford to lose and think that everything you invest in the first few months is an “investment” in your education because the most normal thing is that you lose everything or almost everything.
  3. No matter what you read in forums, you can trade with little money. If someone tells you that “you have to start with $ 100,000 if you want to earn money”, no case. Start with $ 100, or even $ 50 on platforms that allow it. Remember, the important thing is not to risk and learn at the beginning.
  4. Try different strategies, but stick to them. Don’t make strategy changes at the last minute. When it comes to learning, the most important thing is to discard strategies that do not work for you … but for this, you have first had to try 100%.
  5. The most important thing is to be consistent. You have to be at least a few hours a day for the result to be noticed. Again, you will have to take this as a real job if you want to see results.

In short, yes, you can get a lot of money from no nonsense forex. Remember that 85% of those who do lose money. So if you wear it, do it seriously. There are no half measures here.