How to make money after a hurricane?

How to make money after a hurricane

Hurricane destroys your home, but you still want to make some money. Whether it is to rebuild your house or just for a little extra cash, these tips will show you how to make money after a hurricane.

After a hurricane, there are usually some things that people may need. Translators, construction workers, and people to pump water out of basements may all be needed right after the hurricane. These jobs can be done for decent money. The only problem with these jobs is that they don’t last for very long.

How to make money after a hurricane?

You can do the following businesses after a hurricane to make money. Keep reading: How to start Mobil oil change business?

1) Sell water purification units

The demand for freshwater is high in emergencies. Make an extra dollar by selling units that purify the water around you! They are simple to make and easy to sell.

2) Offer your house as a refugee

If you live near the coast, offer to let people stay in your house with their families. They will be willing to pay for it! Just make sure they know that your home is not appropriate for long-term living.

3) Sell meal kits

There are many companies out there (if you search online) that will send you a box of pre-packaged foods (and other necessities such as flashlights and antibacterial wipes). These meal kits are easy to make and cheap.

4) Sell clothes

After the hurricane comes through destroy many people’s possessions, especially high-end clothing. Offer your old laundry detergent free of charge (or sell it to them at a reduced price) and offer to wash their clothes. They will pay you for your service.

5) Sell gasoline

If the power is out, many people will be looking for places that have gas pumps that are still working. You could sell gasoline at a higher price than its usual cost just because of the convenience.

6) Sell water

Water is high in demand after a hurricane, so stock up on some six-packs and sell them to thirsty passersby.

7) Wash windows

Many people will want their windows washed after the hurricane has done its damage. Offer your service for cheap or offer it for free if they are willing to pay for it.

8) Sell generators

Generators are in high demand after a hurricane because the main source of power is out. Be careful when selling these, however, because many people may not know what they’re doing and could get themselves hurt. You can sell them for low prices if you want to help people be safe, or sell them for a high price if you want to make the most money.

9) Distribute food supplies

Don’t forget about all of the people who are homeless after a hurricane! Go into your community and distribute some food and drinks alongside the Red Cross or another non-profit organization that is willing to help. You can get more information on where to find these organizations by searching online.

10) Repair roofs

Many homes have lost their roof or have sustained great damage to them. You can earn some cash by offering your expertise in repairing roofs! Or just offer help – the homeowners will appreciate your kindness and generosity, even if you don’t want money for it.

11) Give out freebies

After the hurricane has passed, there will be many things that people need. Try giving out little essentials like soap or toothpaste for free to make others’ lives easier.

To conclude, whether you want to make money right after the hurricane or in the future, following these steps will help you make some extra cash.