How to start a press on nail business?

how to start a press on nail business

The press on nail business is the business of manufacturing and selling press on nail products. Pressing a nail is done for nails that are weak, broken or won’t grow in order to get nails with a conventional french manicure look. Do you know how to start a press on nail business? Stay tuned.

The popularity of these fake nails has been increasing lately as more and more people start to use them instead of any other type of artificial nails. The artificial nail business is a $6 billion dollar industry and has been growing at 14 percent annually since 2000.

How to start a press on nail business?

how to start a press on nail businessPress on nails are made out of plastic, a material that is used in the construction of many things such as phone cases or sunglasses. There are also other materials that press on nails can be made out of such as nylon, plexiglass, vinyl, acetate and acrylic. Read also: Tips For Growing a Successful Business

Of course, you should never forget that press-on nails are supposed to be temporary. It is not a permanent solution, so use them only in cases when you would need the service of a nail stylist just for one day.

Think about what kind of events does your friends have that require the services of a nail artist. Some of them are:

  • Prom or graduation;
  • Summer vacation on the beach, which requires a new manicure each day;
  • Holiday party (Christmas, New Year and so on);
  • Grandma’s birthday;
  • Wedding;
  • Other important event.

You should always keep in mind that the people who have such special occasions are not looking for a nail artist long-term. They just need a manicure or a pedicure for one day, and if you would be able to satisfy their temporary needs then they will certainly come back to you whenever they need nail services next time.

How Will You Find Customers?

Most of the clients will find you through word of mouth. In many cases your friends and family members will be your first customers, so by providing them good service, you can gain a reputation among people who know you. Make it an advantage as much as possible – tell your friends about yourself with the goal of convincing them to come and get a manicure or pedicure from you.

How much should you charge?

When it comes to pricing, do not go too cheap! Your prices need to be at least as high as the average market price for press-on nails. There are two exceptions though: if you offer something extra (for example, I often put an additional topcoat on my clients’ nails), then you can ask for a little bit more than what your competitors would normally charge.

If your service is very good and exceptional in some way (your workplace is cozier than others’, you provide free refreshments, etc.), then again, it is possible to ask a little bit more.

However, you should not pretend that your service is a lot better than others when in fact it is not. This way, if the work ends up being sloppy or something like this, then you will definitely get bad reviews!

Therefore, I would advise starting with the average market price and only increase it slightly above other businesses’ prices (if needed). There’s no need to try to compete on price. Instead, help customers understand the value of your press-on nail services by pointing out how much easier and convenient they are compared to getting real manicures and pedicures every day.

how to start a press on nail businessLocation

The most important thing when choosing a location for opening a salon is finding a busy place where there are lots of people. If you are living in a small town or village, then it may be quite difficult to find your first customers. However, I have several tips that will help you:

  • Public places. You can try to set up a stall at the flea market on weekends;
  • Places with high traffic of people, such as shopping malls;
  • Places that attract lots of tourists (for example, famous beach).

Do not try to open an independent nail salon – this type of business doesn’t tend to work for beginners. Instead, create an individual stand somewhere and offer your services there. Once you get some reputation among potential clients and improve skills by getting practice from other experienced nail stylists around you, then it will be easier for you to open and operate a separate nail salon in the future. In the meantime, you can try to become an assistant of your teacher or another experienced person so that they could teach you more about business.

How to Deal with Customers?

Once customers come to you, do everything possible to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Try hard to get positive reviews on social media (for example, Facebook) by making sure that your clients are indeed satisfied with your work. Always remember: people usually try not to share their bad experiences with others! Therefore, if someone has a negative opinion about your services, they will most likely not express it out loud because this would mean admitting that they made a mistake by choosing you. However, if they had a great experience, then they will feel comfortable recommending you to others as well as posting about their positive experience on Facebook or Yelp or wherever else.

Therefore, do your best not to disappoint your clients – make sure that your work is excellent in order for them to appreciate it and provide good reviews of you. Make sure that everything works well in the salon:
· Cleanliness. Your place should be spotless when clients come into it;
· Comfortable chairs, relaxed lighting; … all these things can help create a feeling of comfort among customers (especially those who have never visited such salons before).

One more thing

Try to make an agreement with the manager of the place you’re working in order to get customers coming there. If you are doing good work, then it’s only natural that they will want to attract more and more clients in this direction – after all, your customers would probably spend some money on shopping, etc. while visiting the mall! 😉

How to Find Clients?

Perhaps, one of the most difficult things for business owners is finding a way to consistently find new customers. Getting just one customer who is willing to spend $50 per month on getting their nails done can be extremely tough without advertising or marketing. The thing is: such businesses tend not to do well when started up as a side project because this requires consistent effort (maybe something like 5 hours per week). Therefore, if you have the intention to open a large nail salon business in 3 years from now, then it’s probably better for you to start with something that doesn’t require so much initial investment and effort on your part – otherwise, there is no point in even trying.

However, if you need money fast (like within several months), then it may be worth considering starting up such a business as a side project. Just make sure that it will indeed bring you some profit in due time – otherwise, don’t even bother!

Final words,

Press on nail business doesn’t really require any initial investment (no need to buy expensive furniture and machines, for example). Therefore, it’s a great way to make some money while doing what you love: making nails look pretty!