How Virtual PAs Can Run Your Life

What Is a Virtual PA?

Over the last twenty years, there have been some huge advances in the world of technology. With the rise of high-speed internet, the use of email and tools such as file sharing and Skype, it is no surprise that businesses are finding ways to use these tools to cut costs and increase productivity.

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A virtual PA is a business support service provided by someone working from a remote location. They are most commonly used by online companies that don’t have the space for office staff, but virtual PA services are becoming much more popular with larger businesses, especially those that use social media and need some extra assistance.

Most virtual PAs work from home, which benefits both them and the business hiring them, as they are able to earn more yet can be hired on an ad-hoc basis.

How Can a Virtual PA Help You?

According to The Telegraph, virtual PA services such as are growing in popularity due to changes in the workplace over the last few years. With more and more business owners working from home and needing to concentrate on the money-making aspects of their business, hiring a virtual PA to take care of other tasks is becoming an essential.

A virtual PA can do just about everything that a physical member of staff could do – apart from make you coffee! From admin and clerical work to web designing, marketing and customer services, a virtual assistant can take care of it all.

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Usually, a virtual PA will pride themselves of taking care of their employer’s every task, with some willing to carry out personal admin such as organising family gifts and ordering school uniforms for their boss’s children, freeing up the employer to spend more time on their business and even with their family.

There are very few disadvantages of using a virtual PA. Some may say that a lack of communication with colleagues is isolating, but others enjoy having more time to get on with their work, pushing productivity to the max. Although there may not be someone present to chat to during the daily grind, the benefits of a virtual PA far outweigh the costs.