Silicone commercial applications: four FAQs

Thanks to its flexibility and versatility, silicone is an immensely useful substance with a huge range of applications in industry, medicine and the home. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about silicone in the commercial sector.

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Silicone and safety

Essentially a form of rubber, people ask if silicone is safe to use, and the answer is yes. It is chemically very stable and can be produced hygienically, which means it has many applications in medicine, along with food production and transport. Hygienic packaging and storage in the food industry, particularly when dealing with meat, is incredibly important. For more on this issue, see this report in The Guardian.

Silicone and trains

Silicone has many applications in engineering and can be used in many aspects of running railways, from seals to making interiors and exteriors of carriages. It can also be used for seat and floor cushioning and a specially-developed sponge that is fire-resistant.

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Silicone and aviation

Is silicone used in aircraft? It certainly is, thanks to its ability to withstand temperature extremes. Combined with its malleability, its performance in harsh conditions means that silicone can be used on planes to seal windows and doors and protect a range of aircraft parts. Silicone can also be used to protect electrical wiring, which is good to know as insulation materials for planes must be able to withstand flying in freezing temperatures.

Silicone and automobiles

If you take a car apart, there may be more than 200 rubber parts. With its ability to withstand heat and cold, silicone is a natural choice for making car seals and hoses that carry a range of fluids in a vehicle. If you want to find out more about sourcing silicone hose manufacturers, get off to a good start by looking at a site such as to discover more. There are several silicone hose manufacturers producing goods, although the quality can vary. Carry out some research to determine which ones are the best.

Silicone is rightly acclaimed for being an amazingly versatile and effective substance with an enormous range of applications in many spheres. Hardwearing and capable of dealing with a variety of stresses in the environment, silicone is the ideal choice for parts and insulation where harsh climactic or operating conditions may be encountered.