Increases the conversion rate over the Christmas period: Applies low-budget strategies


The key factors for an effective strategy to increase and optimize sales year-end

Double your sales e-commerce during the last two months of the year. Encourages users to return to your site to make new purchases, multiplies the number of leads with AdWords and are using all communication channels at your disposal (pop-up messages, Facebook, etc.) to increase your conversion rate for a wider target audience. Promote immediately your operations year end and records more sales before the beginning of December!

To increase the conversion rate without exceeding the target budget for your year-end marketing campaigns, discover strategies to make sure you increase your sales for Christmas 2016!

Remember …

  • Invest in your customer database to generate immediate sales.
  • Creates a database of qualified customers for the Christmas period using the power of Google AdWords network.
  • Optimizes the conversion rate by offering a complete customer experience Christmas on all of your distribution media.

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Makes customers come back to your online store

Increase your sales by urging the purchase: three-quarters of Internet users abandoning an e-commerce site without finalizing his order.

Multiply your conversion rate by showing a preview of the items added to the cart, and customizing the reminder message. Configure minutely sending your email re-targeting. Choose carefully the time you send it and, above all, the target segment based on the date of the last purchase amount and cart abandoned.

Seize the opportunities offered by this period to boost your conversion rate: purchase urges customers who have registered the shopping cart on your mobile device, tablet computer and offering the transport costs in the email reminder.

Develops sales configuring your newsletter special Christmas

Generate more qualified traffic to suit your favorite brand of your customers. Increase the impact of your promotional message in and befriend the impulsive buying by offering a personalized message. Configure a specific newsletter campaign for Christmas time and register immediate orders.

Often the merchant offering the lowest prices or reductions few days before Christmas. Do not wait until the last minute: apart from your competitors enhancing your bids right now and suggesting complementary items!

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Win new customers on AdWords Qualified

# 1: Increases the conversion rate by reducing your budget on AdWords with a few cunning

Do not forget the “long tail”. Use specific key phrases instead of general keywords. Adapt them to the seasonality of the festive season. Check your campaigns: Deletes the budget of those who do not work and investiture in the most profitable campaigns. How to recognize the winning campaigns? Identifies the number of conversions for each ad group.

#2: Increase conversions before Christmas by promoting your niche products

Diversify your offer over the competition enhancing conditions that make the difference. Record more orders working on a unique positioning of your brand according to consumer needs. Reduce your advertising costs and save time by planning your AdWords campaigns for these products throughout the year.

# 3: Boost your AdWords campaigns with Google Shopping

Double your visibility on Google focusing on price comparators. Increase your conversion rate showing pictures of your articles in the search results most consulted on top of Google results. Record new sales by exporting your catalog of products easily on Shopping and the other comparators prices.

Incite your visitors to buy focusing on the Christmas spirit

# 1: Expand your visibility by publishing your Free catalog of products on Facebook

Increase your brand awareness proposing gift ideas through the social network No. 1. Interact with your community by publishing the news and Christmas offers. Insist on the concept of “make happy” your clients, accompanying the products in your category ‘gift ideas’ with a personalized message. As stated by Tree Mazzieri, Sales Manager Facebook …

“Late in the year the audience of Facebook and Instagram is much more active than it has in the rest of the year.”

#2: Creates a sense of community to the brand by focusing on a Christmas experience

Retain your customers by creating expectations on the various web communication channels you use. Program the publication of your content type ‘advent calendar. “Playing at being Father Christmas! Increase Engagement Rate (EG) of your posts Facebook shortening gifts for users of the community: ask your fans to write their Christmas letter in a few lines through comments and “winning letter” it will be the one that receives the most like! Urges internet users to visit all the pages of your website by organizing a Christmas treasure hunt: ask to find your logo on a hidden page of the site and put up for grabs for the first gifts that manage to track him down!

Next stop? Combine these strategies for an incredible online Christmas, full of “gifts” for you and for your customers!

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