7 Steps to build the most competitive talent in your business


Would you like to spend more time business growth by tending to solving problems with your computer?

Many entrepreneurs are tormented, lose focus and your business goals are delayed. Engaged in an eternal concern, hoping the best results from your human capital.

Before reaching this situation, there is an extremely important step that can be the difference between success and bad results: building your team.

It is important that when choosing honestly asks yourself what person bring more value to the growth of your company.

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Do you have the answer? Here I present. Take away all the emotional relations with your computer and start to make rational and professional decisions. They are seven decisions that every entrepreneur should take to have the best group of employees in your business.

1) Nourish your entrepreneurial talent: Hire staff means paying people to perform activities. Instead hire talent represents integrate a team to generate profitability and growth to the company. This requires first the development of your skills as an entrepreneur. Fixed your role, know what you want to achieve, what you need talent, how are you going to grow, and how they will achieve increase profits; in short, have defined the formula to ensure the success of your growth. Otherwise, it would be like throwing a coin and hope that either meets the expectations of your company.

2) Define talent your company needs: Do not confuse what you want with what your business needs, could be very different to what your market requires to generate faster results. Prepares the profile you are looking for on this basis. Search the hard and soft skills aligned to your needs; check how much cost you align your team you now have these needs; and the cost of monitoring and your time for them to generate better results.

3) Develops employees, not workers: Revolutionize the qualities of human beings have an infinite potential. Boost your talent is your responsibility, you cannot forget that spend a lot of time and your life in your company.

You cannot require them to do only your work; you are a guide in your career development, which do not doubt result in a better quality of life and therefore better performance. This means that training enabling you wilt and training them achieve their life and career plan.

But also, do not fear that they will go. When they are satisfied, retention is high, like loyalty. 50% of success in the performance of an employee depends on who has the profile that the company needs. The other 50% is having a formal development process.

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4) Define clear rules of the game: The well-defined rules within a team represents the equivalent of the compass the success of the company. Leading a team to generate results faster is a list of clear rules of order, permanence, growth, dismissal. Ah! However, something is missing key, if there are no consequences to reinforce this result (depending on whether the rules are fulfilled or not), then nothing will, do not bother but if this is not true it would be preferable not to have rules.

5) Consistently ranks your team: With the vision, the mission, values, and goals with business objectives. At least once a month follow up on results weekly. Help them establish new challenges and refocus your goals so that you make sure that they are improving their skills and abilities, also you will notice if you are limiting your own results. Do not let overlook! This is the time when you can make changes, find solutions with them and define strategies for growth.

6) Monetize your investment in people: For every dollar we invest in people must recover at least 3 times in direct profits. If this does not happen, something is not right. This is better making sure this is happening with 100% of your team members.

7) Hire slow bouncing fast: If you have spent on one team more than it costs your time, the time cost of others, as well as the opportunity cost of neglecting other projects or activities of greater value and cost direct shirking; What do you expect to fire? Does it fast! Do not waste money.

You cannot expect your company a Disney world where there are only fantasies. This is the real world of business! Use your resources wisely, make sure you have the right team in the right place, build growth, focus on profitability and potentials the virtues of your team so they can multiply in your business. This would be what generates better return on investment of your time. This would be the most important thing in your position as an entrepreneur challenge.