50 Instagram Business Ideas for Beginners

Instagram Business Ideas for Beginners

If you have always dreamed of starting your own business, but you don’t want to go the traditional type of business, then Instagram is an option that you should explore. Instagram is a free mobile app for sharing photos and videos with more than 80 million users.

Many people do not know or underestimate the power of Instagram. With a monthly use of more than 700 million, Instagram is a very powerful tool if it is used well. in fact, according to research that was conducted, 89 percent of creators used the platform in 2016. Here are 50 unique and innovative ways you can earn an income from Instagram:

Top 50 Instagram Business Ideas for Beginners in 2020

1. Build and sell Instagram accounts

You can sell Instagram accounts that have a large number of followers. Many brands are looking to buy established Instagram accounts, allowing them to gain a large following without going through the process of starting and creating a new Instagram account.

You can head to viral accounts, frame swap, or any other website that you can sell any of your social media accounts on, including Facebook, Twitter, and of course Instagram. Accounts with 40,000 followers and lots of engaging content are generally preferred. Also, accounts that do not have a history of suspensions or any suspicious content are a great advantage.

2. Product placement and sponsored posts

If you can create an Instagram account with many followers who like and comment on your content, you can start selling sponsored posts. A sponsored post involves making posts for brands and services with the intention of promoting the brand or service. This is like an advertisement.

Many companies are willing to pay for you to publish posts that promote your image. Websites like forwarding are available to provide links to companies that will provide sponsored posts or product placements. therefore, if you are an influencer or someone who wants to do a campaign, forward can be an essential tool.

3. Sell your photography

Regardless of whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, you can still sell your photos. If you have a lot of photos on your phone, you can sell the photos in the apps or you can promote them on your Instagram account. you can sell your photos in applications like phone or gunshot.

Applications can be downloaded from the Play Store or Apple Store. applications allow you to upload your images from your smartphone directly to applications and sell them there. With these apps, you even get $ 5 for every photo you sell. basically, you can use Instagram to promote the photos that you will sell on phone or glass.

4. Display and sell art or craft items

Many people have started selling things that they normally did as a hobby. Why not do the same? It can be art, prints, photography, sculptures, handmade jewelry, among others. you can sell these items on Etsy, eBay, amazon handmade, etc. you can list your products there and then use your Instagram page to advertise, promote and market your craft to the world. You can have images of the products you have created on your profile, post comments from satisfied customers, unbox your products, etc.

5. Affiliate marketing

If you like affiliate marketing, you will realize that its basic essence is to attract as much traffic as possible to your site through as many channels as possible. Instagram has more than 700 million monthly active users and as such offers a great opportunity to make sales of your product. you can go to sites like Clickbank or amazon where you can become an affiliate marketer.

You will be given a link that you will need to promote to get sales. You can get 10 to 76 percent commission for any sale made through your link and you can promote the product through your Instagram page. feel free to have photos of the products you are promoting, experiences of satisfied customers who have used the products, and comments posted on your page. insert your affiliate link to your page so that people can easily get to the product you are marketing

6.Display and sell your services

Any service you provide; If you are a freelancer providing proofreading, editing, graphic design, video animations, digital marketing, etc., you can use your Instagram page to attract more customers to the service that you are offering. If you are an interior decorator or designer, you can use your page to showcase your previous work to convince new clients of your deliverability.

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7. Real Estate

Real estate is obviously a multi-billion dollar industry employing thousands of Americans. however, people tend not to recognize the power that social media can have when properly harnessed. You can use your page to promote the properties under your portfolio for better disclosure and publicity by displaying them on your page. post pictures of the rooms and houses you have sold and the ones you have for sale, and of course your contact.

8. Cars for sale

In addition to eBay, craigslist, and dealership engines where you can list your cars for sale, you can also use Instagram. You can access your customers’ feed and show them the latest cars you have for sale. You can also post pictures of the cars you have sold in the past to increase your credibility.

9. Adsense blog/youtube advertising

Google AdSense is the means by which google pays bloggers and youtube channel owners to display ads on their page. You can post pictures and videos from your blog or youtube channel on your Instagram profile as a provocation for people to click your link and also add a link to access your blog or youtube channel to improve the clicks you get.

10. Network marketing

This is somewhat similar to affiliate marketing. There are many network marketing companies out there like Avon, Beachbody, Herbal Life, Marykay just to mention just a few. These businesses not only allow you to sell your products and earn a commission, but they also allow you to recruit people and earn money from your commission. This allows you to build a kind of small organization within a network marketing organization.

However, unlike affiliate marketing, you may have to make some payments to get started with these companies because they are businesses and as such, they try to make sure that the people who intend to sell their products are serious people. You can use Instagram to promote your network.

11. Instagram manager:

Many brands need to keep in touch with their customers through social media; However, not everyone has the ability or to create engaging posts. This is where the service of an Instagram manager comes in. he or she specializes in making Instagram posts for a brand, page, or service.

12. Instagram influencer

One of the very lucrative business options that are available on Instagram is to be an Instagram influencer. Instagram influencers are users who, due to their fame, popularity, trustworthiness, and originality, can persuade other users to take action. In order to achieve this, they take the time and effort to become “gurus” in a particular niche. Instagram as an influencer who may be working with a brand, service, or political candidate for promotion to the general public.

13. Product Review

You can increase your popularity and become a force to be reckoned with in online reviews. If you are good at offering video reviews and have a large following, companies would like to offer you their products to unpack and review to gain more popularity.

14. Social commerce seller

you can use Instagram as an online store that sells directly from the platform using the “buy” button. Alternatively, when customers indicate interest in a product, you can send them an invoice through which they can make payments.

15.Event Photographer

The whole idea of ​​Instagram was built around images and as such is a great workplace for photographers. If you cover events as a photographer, you can upload the events you have covered and then add a means of contacting you on your profile.

16. Product Photographer

You can offer this service which involves taking photos of products that will be used on e-commerce websites to promote them.

17. Printed Product Seller

If you are an expert in designing product patterns, then this is for you. you can create mugs, tee shirts, etc. with unique designs and then promote them on Instagram.

18. Content marketing

due to the uniqueness of Instagram, content marketing on the platform is slightly different. Since Instagram is image-based, you will have to market content primarily as images or videos rather than 300-500 word text. You can provide content marketing services to companies using this method.

19.Content Strategist

This is very similar to content marketing. The only difference is that it requires less work. As a content strategist, your job will be to provide your clients with advice, advice, and valuable information about social media as a whole and specifically Instagram and its content.

20. Graphics Designer

A graphic designer is much needed in social media circles, especially on an image and video-based platform such as Instagram. You can earn money helping companies design graphics for their Instagram business as part of their social media campaign.

21. e-book author

If you have accumulated knowledge about social media and Instagram, you can write a book about it and then promote it on Instagram.

22. Stylists

Instagram is also a lovely place to show your gift as a stylist for the world to see. you can get a friend or a model, organize a photo shoot and then upload the images to your account and then tell people that you are available for event booking.

23. Food Channels

If you are a food enthusiast then you will love it. send photos of the dishes and appetizers that have been made, and also give information on the latest and greatest places to eat out.

24. Fashion blog

you can start by uploading your fashion works to get sales from your follower and also becoming an influencer for clothing brands and fashion houses.

25. Personal Stylist

As a fashion blog, this is also in the fashion niche. This involves using your Instagram timeline to show off your style while also informing your potential client about your availability as a personal stylist.

26. DIY

This involves making tutorials and hands-on posts, pictures, or videos on new techniques or easier methods of doing everyday tasks, helping to increase your followers’ awareness. then you can work with other brands that offer your project supply for more profit.

27. Confectionery

if you are good at baking cakes, cookies, etc., you can use Instagram to show your baking skills. You can load up what you’ve baked and then offer to deliver the products if they indicate interest.

28. Travel blogger

You can work with airplanes and hotels by sharing useful travel tips, tips, and tricks that can make a trip even more successful.

29. Animator

Since videos are one of Instagram’s main selling points, you can take advantage of this by showing your work on Instagram.

30. Musician

You can upload videos and audio files of yourself singing on Instagram and then offer to reserve your services for events and parties.

31. Comedian

You can share short videos of your comedy skits or jokes on your timeline and then offer to share your talent with anyone who wants to hire a comedian.

32. Live Workshop Instructor

Using Instagram, you can teach or lecture on very specific niches and then use Instagram to promote your course and book your potential students.

33. Online Course Builder

You can create online courses that will help hobbyists to get to know the various mediums that can market their products using Instagram.

34. Fitness Trainer

If you like to train and share the knowledge that has worked for you in bodybuilding and fitness, you can offer your services as a personal trainer using the video feature that is available on Instagram. You can arrange for your client to meet you at your personal home gym.

35. life coach

you can also use Instagram to offer life coaching services. You can use the posts and updates to offer quick tips and advice on life in general and then use the Instagram live option for more detailed content.

36. business coach

You can also use Instagram to offer business advice and consulting services to businesses and entrepreneurs in need for a fee. You can use the platform to share your knowledge, gather more credibility and followers, and therefore more customers.

37. Instagram contest service

running contests and competition is also a popular way of promoting a brand and ultimately making more sales. With this knowledge, you can organize services where you manage contests and other giveaways.

38. photo editing service

If you are an expert in mobile application development, you can create an application that is molded around Instagram that includes features such as video and image editing.

39..Meme maker

In recent times, memes have taken over the social media space, sparking jokes and also conveying messages succinctly. What a lot of people don’t know about memes is that you can also make money from the production of memes. brands sometimes offer people money to create memes for them as a way to create a “buzz” about their products. Using Instagram you can take advantage of this to create and share memes.

40. Live event promoter

Instagram is a very ideal platform to advertise and draw attention to living events. So it only makes sense that if you want to enter the field of trade promotion; You must rely on the popularity of the platform for your success.

41. Selling Thank You

This simply involves getting paid by telling your followers about someone else’s products, brand, or page simply by mentioning them in a post. To make money from yelling, you will have to have a large following. to sell shout outs you can use the short cart.

42. Organizing seminars web

can offer web seminars on a particular niche while using Instagram to increase their audience and fans and also show their ability.

43. Pet personality

This actually sounds strange, but the truth is that some people have been able to make it work; Like a grumpy cat, you can start an Instagram account that revolves around a particular animal that could be your pet. Later you can build around it.

44. Magician

If you can perform real magic tricks, card tricks, or juggling, you can show your skills on Instagram through the video function and also drop your contact on your profile so that potential clients can easily contact you.

45. Lettering service

If you are an expert in offering special personalized lettering and calligraphy services, you can offer this service to brands and individuals who want to beautify their lettering, and of course, you can use Instagram to showcase your work.

46. ​​Illustrator

Instagram is a great place to offer visual arts and illustrations. As always, post pictures of your previous work on your page.

47. Cameraman

Instagram may have become popular back in the day as an image-sharing app. Today, however, Instagram is also known for its short videos. you can start a videography business and then use instagram to show your skill.

48. Public speaker

For those looking to offer their services as a public speaker, you can use your Instagram account to share your experience.

49. Good Second-Hand Service

If you have some second-hand items for sale, you can list them on Instagram, promote them effectively, and even let people bid on your products.

50. Advertising Specialist

You can offer Instagram advertising services to brands looking to take advantage of those options in their marketing schemes.