How to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business

Start a Carpet Cleaning Business

Carpet cleaning as a business is a very good idea because carpets are part not only offices but also in the lobby of hotels, shopping centers, commercial organizations, cinemas, theaters, buildings of the government and may also be in certain reserved areas of restaurants.

How to open a carpet cleaning business

Since there are multiple possibilities for your carpet cleaning business to be profitable. And you have many clients, take the following steps to open your own carpet cleaning business:

The business plan is very importantStart a Carpet Cleaning Business

First of all, you must create a business plan that, in addition to including the mission and vision of your business, contains the sections into which you will divide your cleaning services, and in this way, you can clearly focus on each of them.

Decide if you will dedicate yourself to offering your services to cleaning houses or you will focus your business on cleaning offices and/or shops.

Also decide what services you will offer, since you can think about deep cleaning carpets, for which you will need special equipment, if you will specialize in removing stains, if you will use ecological products, etc.

By having all this clear, you will be able to make an estimate of the expenses. And you will create your marketing strategy and your vision regarding the growth of your company.

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The key is in the location of the businessStart a Carpet Cleaning Business

You will need a physical space to establish your business, either on commercial premises or in a place in your home. Beyond your choice, you should think that it should be a strategic place where there are many options to offer your services in the surroundings of your business premises.

Well, that physical space must be large enough to store supplies and work equipment as well as the office for reception and accounting.

Select staff carefully

You need to hire personnel with training in carpet cleaning since quality is important when offering services and also keep in mind that the IICRC is the body that certifies your staff as qualified and certified.

Implement local and digital marketing strategies

Your marketing strategy should start with the creation of your website and even with your profile on social networks. You can also use the YouTube channel to publish videos of your services either in the homes of your clients or in the shops where you offer your services, of course, provided that you previously obtain permission from your clients to publish the videos.

Good equipment is basic to guarantee the work

The commercial brand of the equipment you use to carry out your work is important because if it is a recognized brand, in addition to increasing the trust of your customers, it will help you to offer a quality assured job.

How much does it cost to start a carpet cleaning business?

Whether you offer your services part-time or full-time, your business can be profitable with an investment that averages between 56 and 80 thousand dollars, since it is an amount that depends on whether you prefer to use a system that is mounted on a truck or a portable cleaner, therefore when you think about starting your business it is a reduced cost compared to starting up another type of business that requires a higher investment.


To get to your client’s home or office you will need a truck or van. In the latter case, a used one depending on the condition, the year, and the model in addition to the brand, its average cost is 35 thousand dollars. Which will be a sufficient investment when starting your business.


Among the equipment, you will need, a portable system that has a cost of 33 thousand dollars, but if you prefer a truck-mounted system, which is more effective and comfortable because while you clean the carpets with the hoses they remain attached to the system and all the equipment in the truck, has a cost between 50 and 57 thousand dollars.


To remove stains you need solvents, which are inexpensive since a round kit costs $ 130 while a gallon of solvent costs $ 25.

Carpet cleaning equipment

The carpet cleaning equipment you need depends on the method you plan to use. As dry cleaning is not the best when it comes to very dirty carpets.

If you prefer a steam cleaning system you will need high-pressure equipment and you should also have the ability to handle the products with care so that the humidity does not persist and there are no odors on the carpet.

So you can think of a steam cleaner that pumps out a detergent solution. And then uses a high-powered vacuum to suck up that solution.

Depending on the model you can have a heater. And take advantage of the hot water to remove oil stains and therefore perform deep cleaning.

A carpet extractor is a machine that uses a brush to scrub the carpet. After leaving the detergent on the carpet, it vacuums it and goes through an extraction process to remove dirt and chemicals with a rinse.

The hood cleaning machine is not the best for deep cleaning but for dry cleaning. With a pad, it rubs and removes dirt.

However, the truck-mounted system is the one that most professionals use because it provides better suction. It can do a deep cleaning because it can use hot water and it leaves the carpet dry.

Permits and licenses to open a carpet cleaning business

Although it is necessary that you create a business plan, hire your staff and decide if you will run your business from home or buy or rent a commercial space, you must have several permits and licenses for your carpet cleaning business :


You need a DBA in addition to a business license. You will get the DBA by contacting your county administration office. And then you will receive the application in the mail.

Complete the application and send it along with the corresponding fee to register your business. But before applying for the DBA. Think of a good name for your business and by registering it you will get your business license.

Commercial cleaning license

Depending on where your business is located, your state and local government may require you to obtain a commercial cleaning license or a regular one, as the need for a service contractor license depends on each state.

Bonus license

You may also need to process the voucher license before obtaining your license, then follow these steps:

Step 1: File your license application with your local government and open a business bank account.

Step 2: Check the Small Business Administration Licensing and Permitting website to see if you require a cleaning license in order to work in your area.

Step 3: Get all the applications you need so that your business can legally open with a license.

Step 4: Contact insurance companies for information on license bonds and surety bonds.

Cleaning and permit voucher

You will need these bonds if you obtained a license from your municipal government. As local governments can obtain a lawsuit by licensing a contractor who does a poor job. Then they are bonds that protect the government against a lawsuit.

The cleaning bond is also known as a surety bond because it works with a refund to the customer who pays for a service they did not receive.

If your business does not fulfill a job. The contractual bond is responsible for reimbursing the client the fee they spent.