Is it worth worrying about Internet privacy?

Internet Security

It’s a question we’ve all done but few have us sit and have written the advantages and disadvantages of using the “free” Internet tools, so in this article classify the general advantages and disadvantages of using free tools in exchange for giving our data on the Internet.

Many applications on the Internet allow us to fully use their services free for life, as we have social networks Facebook and Twitter, as far as we find emails Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo and regarding productivity tools can use Google Calendar, onedrive or Dropbox and many others. But based on the “if you do not pay the product, the product is you”, we have to look all these free tools are a double-edged sword as far as privacy is concerned.

Internet Security
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Your relationship has ended and you’ve changed your Facebook status to single? Then you’ll see some nice messages Meetic in your Facebook page advertising their services. Have you conducted a search for a hosting on Google? Then, go to the website you go, you see banners full of advertising hostings. So how much is your privacy?

We do not put a price on how valuable our privacy, then only show the advantages and disadvantages that have used these services. Remember that many services that are offered free are powerful tools which, if not free cost $ 50 / month for sure.

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Economic: Even if it is true that if they are priced (for privacy) does not have to do any initial financial outlay and if we are not well off, it’s very interesting to opt for free applications that are financed with targeted advertising.

Availability: All these tools have one thing in common they are compatible with virtually all (phones, tablets and computers) devices, and we can access our data from anywhere without our devices, usually with username and password.

Social: Something you have the majority of free platforms is that they are social and are used massively, so we can link our Google Calendar agenda with that of our friends, or create a Facebook event to reach all our acquaintances. This will save time when it comes to informing people.


Ads: In one way or another end up seeing ads that do not interest you, either on the side of the page (as in Google ) or receiving email, or embedded between sections. If you are a picky advertising and you get distracted easily, this can pose you a problem.

Privacy: We give you a minute to you good-bye to your privacy … Already? Your data will be stored, parsed, classified and categorized in data centers beyond your control as many times as you enter the tool. Forget about data protection laws, the data probably will not find either in your continent.

Security: The problem is not that you have no control over your data, but that by an oversight of the company, your data may end up falling into the hands of hackers. Many will say what they will want of me? Perhaps the bank account since most users uses the same password for Facebook that Paypal.

In short, everything has advantages and disadvantages, so we leave you, the users you to take the final decision.

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