14 Tips for Success in a Business

Success in Business

The main purpose of this post is to achieve successfully arrange visits from a working methodology quality and well structured to have it, making a guide for us to succeed in fulfilling this important task for companies, since it means the first step to get a new customer.

Success in Business
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We will present the steps in a persuasive and effective telephone communication. Also we mark the necessary guidelines so that we can gain the skills needed to arrange a visit and also try to know how the filters are skipped and learn to generate interest to our partner.

For starters we have to structure this process in a number of points to follow:

  1. What you project your voice? What you transmit?

First we must be aware of how our voice, which has characteristics if hoarse, hard, soft, feminine or accent have. Once we have identified our kind of voice we can adapt better to a changing effective sales potential defects and flaws in it.

  1. How to optimize the voice quality

We must prepare our voice, with parameters correct intonation, articulation of sounds, correct modulation and volume, as we adjust both the speed and the emphasis and take good care of the vocals.

  1. How successfully persuade

There are tools and weapons to be used successfully and give more voice to our party, which in this case is our main element with which we recognize our potential client.

  1. We have to be clear what the components of the telephone are

The art of asking the right questions… We have properly prepared the most appropriate questions to achieve our goal; we must have them prepared in advance and analyze what they have given us better results.

  1. The words and expressions mean

As in the previous point we have to study and have a number of words and expressions that can help us a lot in the sale.

  1. The words and phrases to avoid

We must also avoid the typical questions in the negative tone or inducing responses and / or avoid angry or upset our interlocutor.

  1. The technique of silence

It is very important to properly use the pauses, silences and tempos, so the conversation more fluid, understandable and successful.

  1. Structure of the cold call to get the first visit

We have to have previously prepared the call and must always be structured as follows:

  • Presentation
  • Justification
  • Petition
  • Farewell

Using the above described and the various techniques we have structured our call, dividing it into paragraphs described, giving the importance that require each of them, because all sections must have their importance and must be properly worked.

  1. How to treat the telephone and you pass the call to the appropriate person

This point is very important, otherwise we can overcome this first hurdle there will be no possibility of sale.

  1. Talking to a prospect once you have the phone

Once past the first or even the second filter sometimes we find our ultimate goal, and that is when we put the utmost attention and performance at all developed in this post.

  1. Saving objections to appointments

It is important to give the necessary importance to the objections and found negative, as if treated with proper mime will allow us in future attempts to have more chances of getting the visit.

  1. Most frequent errors

There are several common mistakes that have been trying to avoid, as they are talking with the right intonation, try skipping tempos and filters found, be too rash or too conservative.

  1. Development of our own script

As mentioned above it is very important to have our own script previously elaborated.

  1. Key points to succeed in the call and get the first visit

Complying with all points scored does not ensure 100% success achieves our goals, but at least we will have higher % effectiveness the rest of our competitors.

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