35 signs that reveal the nature of your entrepreneur


Being an entrepreneur means having characteristics that many people might consider inappropriate or disadvantageous, perhaps because they simply are not meant to become entrepreneurs.

The characteristics of successful entrepreneurs have a lowest common denominator.

Is there a list of attributes that many successful people have, characteristics commonly associated with big business, such as a strong work ethic, perseverance, ability and skills in persuasion techniques and discipline.

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Contributing to the success of entrepreneurs is not what the company typically considers positive features or advantages of character. People like John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford and Oprah Winfrey have achieved greatness possessing standard features and following the narrow path recommended by the management guru.

Do not think so at all what others say about you or the way you label it. Maybe your supposed weaknesses are actually your strengths. Among the 35 signals that might reveal the nature of being an entrepreneur there are features that many people might consider inappropriate or disadvantageous, perhaps because they simply are not meant to become entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur not only thinks differently: an entrepreneur acts in a different way. It uses a mix of personality traits, habits and mindset to develop ideas on the border between madness and genius. But the mere fact of having original ideas and be able to invent an alternative fuel to gasoline does not mean having the right cut also to be entrepreneurs.

Have you ever wondered “but I am an entrepreneur?”

Take a look at this list. You may not have all these features, but if you recognize yourself in some of them, this is a good indicator that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

  1. You come from a family of people who just could not work for someone else.Your parents were self-employed. Although this is not true for every business – know more than an exception – many have family histories that they see one or both parents freelancers.
  2. Do you hate the status quo? You are a person who is always ready to question why people do the things in a certain way. Make every effort to make things better and you’re willing to get involved in this.
  3. You are sure of yourself.Have you ever met an entrepreneur who is pessimistic or that you despise? After all, if you first do not have trust and confidence in yourself, how can they believe in others? Most entrepreneurs are optimistic about everything around them.
  4. Are you a fan? There are times when you spend an excessive amount of time to not get in return a single euro. And ‘your thing, what allows you to be active and at the forefront.
  5. Do not accept no for an answer. An entrepreneur never gives up.
  6. You possess the ability to create partnerships improbable from nothing thanks to your ability to connect the dots. People tend to gravitate to you because it turned out nice and pleasant. Many times this is a direct result of your passion.
  7. Spend more time with the co-founder of your business rather than with your spouse or significant other people emotionally for you.
  8. You have abandoned their schooling the same way as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.
  9. You have always been an employee of limited success and will probably also fired several times. Do not worry, you’re not alone. Do not take it as a sign that you are a bad person; sometimes it’s in your DNA.
  10. You always opposed some resistance to authority; this is one of the reasons why you have difficulty keeping a job.
  11. Do you believe that there is more than one definition of job security: you realize that your job is safe as long as you have direct control, instead of relying on your boss that could ruin your career after an easy mistake?
  12. Do you have a competitive nature and are willing to lose. You know there’s always a better way of doing things.
  13. Your idea of a holiday is a day with nothing to meddle with what you really want to accomplish.
  14. Do you want to control and manage your company. Typically you like overseeing most of the activities taking place in your organization.
  15. Do you see opportunities everywhere? For example, entering a building in the center of your town you wonder what it’s worth and what kind of companies operating within it.
  16. When you try to do one of the many personality tests it turns out that you are identified as “type reformer,” someone purposeful, self-controlled and perfectionist.
  17. Have you found that your preferred seating in the bar where you take your coffee or take your lunch break is close to power outlets?
  18. Are you a logical thinker with ideas on how to solve the problems and the situation in general?
  19. Speaking of problem solving, have you checked if there is an app for that? You may have already begun to create business model and software architecture to see if it is feasible.
  20. Are you a social animal? You have no trouble communicating with people.
  21. As a child, you have been a small seller: comics, figurines, or maybe you have organized a flea market. Heck, at that time you were probably one of the best sellers on the square.
  22. Are you a self-starter: Do not give up on a project until it is accomplished?
  23. No matter what you do every day, you always think in terms of delivery of the results and return on investment.
  24. You are not realistic. As inventors and innovators have somehow needed to think in this way.
  25. You are thinkers from the pack. Otherwise what could change?
  26. You are a charming and charismatic person. Being an entrepreneur means being a leader; do not forget about it to avoid the behaviors that we would never see in a leader.
  27. The rules do not apply to you.I do not intend to break the law. Rather believe in efficiency and ability to bend the rules in order to ensure that things slide smoothly.
  28. You are very opinionated. This is another reason why you have been laid off several times.
  29. You are unpredictable. As business owners know how quickly things can change. Fortunately you are ready to put in place all the necessary adjustments and countermoves.
  30. You are determined. You have to make the impossible possible.
  31. Have you done your market research? You know very well that the mere fact of having a great idea does not mean that it can be profitable. But you have already thrown one eye to see if potential customers may be interested in purchasing.
  32. Do you usually surround yourself with smart people – not of leeches that could drag you down?
  33. You are a bit out of the norm.Having the ability to create something out of nothing involves being a person of genius-type crowds. Remember how many people thought that Albert Einstein was a crazy first prove that his theory of relativity.
  34. Have you ever asked your family, friends or loved ones, to send a text message reminder or appointment to the shared calendar so that you can meet and be able to speak for five minutes?
  35. Do you think your time is worth far more than money?

Although today may not possess all of these features, probably you will develop over time. After all, being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle, not a job or a hobby.

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