How to open an auto shop?

Auto Repair Shop

The dream of every entrepreneur, any cut he may be, is to undertake an activity that requires the least amount of effort and staff time as possible and that it can make money in an increasingly autonomous or otherwise, against a commitment particularly low.

One possible answer to this kind of project is the opening of an automatic self-service shop.

Auto Repair Shop
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This kind of shopping is slowly appearing in all cities, but the market is still in its infancy and therefore the ability to capture a part is still very high.

An auto shop has, compared to the traditional counterpart, a fair number of advantages that, when tested, can offer insights and opportunities of interest.

The initial investment, for example, is certainly one of the lowest averages of those required to start a new business.

For a medium configuration, including armor and money changers, in fact, the burden of that investment is on average between forty and fifty thousand dollars, including the amount of items required to ensure proper stock rotation.

The payback of the initial investment depends of course on many factors but, as variable, usually no more than the few months since the commencement of sale.

This fulfills the requirement of being something that starts to quickly produce an income that does not come at the expense of personal time of the operator, who can then run alongside the store’s automatic self-service to any other work.

The opening periods of twenty-four hours a day in fact allows, as well as cover a period when all the other ordinary shops are closed, also to provide in these zones to potential supplies and maintenance, thus preserving the time required for execution of other activities.

The type of products sold in this kind of shops is subject to the same limitations as any other commercial activity but, unlike all other types of stores, allows a diversification also impressive products offered for sale, from hot and cold drinks to snacks and packaged sweets to continue toward other food and not to the distribution of meals prepared automatically, even if at the time.

Clearly it is necessary, in the design phase careful investigation on the needs of the resident population in the short or medium distance from the installation to be able to have a good chance to meet the public demand.

For example, administration of prepackaged meals, even when heated at the time, may not be suitable for all territories while the distribution of food supplements such as oil or paste (or even milk, as can already be seen in some particular points), can have more likely to meet the public’s.

However, the ability to access tax reliefs and, in some cases, even contributions to federal, state and provincial (some even grant), helps to minimize not just the initial outlay and consequently reduce business risk, per as already not particularly high.

The opening of a self-service auto shop is therefore a viable alternative to enterprising other activities, seemingly more profitable but it certainly is subject to greater risks than investments more expensive in terms of cost and time of return.

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