7 Tips to improve your sales work

Improve your sales

Improve your sales approach is synonymous with success. We all seek the master formula that will lead us to him, but as I have said many times, does not exist.

There is only one road, work and training. However, there are little tricks you can give us a boost, which can help us to correct errors and bring us back to the goal.

Improve your sales
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Tips for improving your sales then I give, I have worked for me great. I hope you also serve you.

1. Do not close your sales, helping your clients

There are two important ideas in this sentence. On the one hand it is not to convince a customer or win a sale; we guide our work to solve the problems of our clients, to help them with their business/life.

On the other hand we focus on the customer, not our product. In this way we add value that is what we make you stand out from the competition.

2. Do not waste time

If you see that a customer is not ready to make a purchase, either because they do not really need your services, not the right time or for any other reason. Do not waste time, let them know what the problem is and focus on another project.

3. Selling is not telling

Instead of giving up your sales pitch and expect to sign the purchase order, deal to discover what they are really looking for and offer a tailored solution.

4. Size does matter

It costs the same effort to close a sale $1000 or $10000 but earn much more with the latter than with the former. All your clients deserve the best treatment, but if it is the client that the more money it will have to redouble your efforts.

Improve your sales is to improve your numbers, not just the number of customers.

5. Reduce the number of projects in which you work

“Jack of all trades, master of none” If you’re not able to provide the best possible deal to your customers, you better plan seriously focus on a few and ensure that offers excellent service. Improve your sales is best to treat your customers.

If you think that many times you try to do better, you’re wrong.

6. Increase the time you spend selling

If you get paid to sell, do it. Paperwork give to other delegates minor issues in your teammates, poses a new organization of work, do what needed to devote the maximum time possible sales.

This point seems obvious but many sales professionals hide behind the fact of having a lot of administrative work to not go outside. Spend more time selling, the only way you can improve your sales.

7. Measure is key

If you will follow these tips you should know that in the analysis of results is the key. Devote 5 minutes of your time to analyze what you did, how long you spent looking for new customers, if you really made the key questions, if the projects that are really interesting work, etc.

All these data points check that you are really applying these tips and study the results to improve your sales technique.

Improve your sales is a long way, the key is to improve every day, continue forming you and especially practice, not only read articles and videos, set them up in real life it is the only way to hone your skills.

I hope these tips to improve your sales can soon return to this blog and write a comment on how well it goes!

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