How to invest in 2016, advice on safe investments

Investment in 2016

Where you should invest your savings in 2016? There are so many people wanting to know where to invest money safely, not everyone fail to make ends meet, there are many people who work, or simply make entrepreneurship are retired and receive a check that allows you to live well and save more money.

Even if inflation is very low, keep all our savings bank is not always the best idea. You can earn with savings, just know how to invest in the deal right, why not do it then? Many refrain from this practice for fear. The following reasoning is always the same: “It took many months of work and sacrifices in order to put away this money, why risk it in an investment”? 

Investment in 2016
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If this reasoning is correct, it is only in part. Are there ways in which the risks are minimized and more money to invest you have, the more the risk is low, because you can do a diversification of investments. Of course, each investor has to follow the rules, the main purpose is to diversify your savings, so that if it were to go the hard way more risky the investment we have made, keep up to date and give evil for sure that “Who is not likely gain little.”

Investing in property 2016:

  • Nowadays you can find some great deals in the real estate market.
  • However, if it is true that the number of births is not growing, it is true that more and more foreigners are coming that need homes to live on.
  • The signals of this market is still a bit weak, but try and buy at very low prices very nice homes and then resell or rent, it remains one of the most lucrative business.

Investing in Stock Market 2016:

  • The number of the rich in the world has grown, this also thanks to investments in the stock market.
  • Just go and look at historical charts of the various stock exchanges and you will notice because the investment in equities remains very interesting, and often is the investment you can earn more than anyone though as everyone knows are investments to be done very carefully, perhaps relying on a financial or some bank asset management.

Investing in gold 2016:

  • Gold has always been considered the first safe haven, that is a safe investment, away from big swings, but lately it is marked by a trend. The downward trend of gold, however, seems to be over for some time and today this market seems to rise.
  • Will it last? Analysts, until a few months ago saying that when the trend bearish would be over, the gold would have started to gain value and would be a great deal.

Investing money by opening a company 2016:

  • The crisis in economy can not last forever, the signs of recovery are positive and, although you have to forget that there will be a strong GDP growth, this is slowly coming.
  • Structural problems remain, however, first and foremost that of the bureaucracy and high taxes for those who want Primer Company. The winning move is to open a branch company in untapped industry or trade or offer services.

Investing money in shares of war industries 2016:

  • Winds of War in this end of 2015 beginning 2016. The terrorist attack fate has shoot up the price of shares of the arms industries. Unfortunately it is a deal that can go and touch the consciences of some investors, so before you buy stocks of weapons industries should also inquire for sure where these weapons are used and against whom, said this, or better yet if it does not care, the period seems the right one.

How to earn money safe on the Stock Exchange, ETFs 2016:

  • If there is a hard thing to predict, what is the trend of the shares? If everyone knew how to go into the future, at this time we would all be rich, it would be enough only a small initial capital. Overall, however, it must be said that the overall index of all shares, usually go up.
  • And from this arise ETFs, which are a set of actions of a certain type of companies. There are ETFs tied to farms in certain areas, there are ETFs linked to companies that have more performances (riskier, then) or less risky, however it is always much safer investment than buying shares of individual companies.

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