Keeping your Office Germ Free this Winter

As we head into the winter months the risk of catching a seasonal illness like the flu increases, particularly this year as the coronavirus pandemic is still running through the population. As we have all started to get out and go back to normal life, this means that there are some situations where we may be at more risk of catching an illness over the winter in particular and one place where this is a common problem even without a pandemic is in an office.

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An office creates the perfect breeding ground for many germs during the winter, as the combination of a lot of people, often at close proximity for a long time, as well as the closed windows and central heating mean that the germs can thrive and spread very easily. As well as the risk of getting ill, many workplaces have staffing issues in the winter as illnesses quickly sweep through whole offices.

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There are things that you can put in place to combat this however, that this year in particular will be paramount in keeping people well. One thing that you could do is regularly use a professional office cleaning service. This Office Cleaning Cheltenham based company is used to Cleaning offices in the Cheltenham area so find someone like this with experience in office environments.

Good ventilation is also important – if it really is too cold to have windows open, then look into air filtration systems which will help keep the air germ free. It is also a good idea to focus on hand hygiene, and provide plenty of places for employees to either wash hands or to use hand gel.