Making a career out of photography.

In the age of ‘selfies’ and phones with cameras, everybody fancies themselves as a photographer, however few people are talented enough to make it as a professional. Turning photography into a career takes hard work and commitment. Whether you want to be a wedding photographer or a portrait photographer, here we will look at what it takes to earn a living from photography.

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What sort of photography?

One of the best forms of photographic art is of nature. To see this clearer why not start at home by simply looking out of the window. If you find that your windows are often too frosted up for you to see out of them or perhaps they are preventing you from getting that perfect picture, as well as allowing some of the cold air from outside entering your home you might want to contact a  Double Glazing Gloucester  company who can rectify this for you.

If you want to make money from photography then the best way is to take photographs of people. These could be family photographs, wedding photographs, photographs of babies or school photographs. You may need some training in your chosen photography field and trade associations such as the Baby and Newborn Photography Association can help with this.

Other ways to make money from photographs include taking photographs for newspapers and magazines or selling ‘stock’ photographic images online. While taking photographs of landmarks and events might be enjoyable, unless you are very good it will be difficult to make money from it. The BBC has published some helpful tips for how to improve your photography, especially if you want to turn it into a career.

Wedding photography

Wedding photography is potentially very lucrative but is different to any other kind of photography because you are capturing a day in a couple’s life that will, hopefully, never be repeated. So there is only one chance to get it right. Building up a reputable wedding photography business takes time and commitment and will invariably mean giving up weekends and evenings, particularly during the summer months.

To build a good reputation, one of the best ways is to be recommended by friends and family and also by wedding venues, as they have a huge reach to a large number of potential clients. Photographers that have been recommended by venues should be both reliable and good photographers and it is important that the venue is able to show potential clients some examples of wedding photography that have been done previously.

Hopefully this has inspired you to take more photos, whether with a camera or even just a phone, then you can make the decision about the sort of photos you like taking and whether you are good enough to turn a hobby into a career.