5 most expensive drink in the world

most expensive drink

There are drinks that are very special and are considered a luxury, something special, like an exclusive or limited edition bottle. Today we want to make a collection of the most expensive beverage in the world, in a special way, the price of which can afford few pockets.

A drink is not very expensive, but if you make it with any of these drinks, you can spend a lifetime’s salary on it.

These are the most expensive drinks in the worldmost expensive drink

Tequila Ley 925most expensive drink

It is also known as the Sterling Diamond and its bottle is embedded with 6,400 diamonds and precious stones. Its value is $ 3 million and a tequila aged for 7 years with 100% agave. He has won numerous awards worldwide.

Liqueur de Chambord

Its price exceeds 2 million euros and its bottle is decorated with more than a thousand pearls and diamonds. As well as 18k hand-forged gold. The bottle was created by jeweler Donald Bordo and inside is a delicious raspberry liqueur.

Henry IV Heritage Cognacmost expensive drink

One of the most expensive drinks on the planet is this cognac that has been aged for more than 100 years, which is close to $ 2 million. The bottle is in 24-karat gold and platinum by law. And inside it says that it is a mix that has several centuries, but its exact composition is not known.

Russo-Baltique Vodkamost expensive drink

The bottle is made of gold with the aim of imitating the classic design of the Russo-Balt car. Its price exceeds a million euros and is a true luxury vodka that has a white and yellow gold cap.

Diva Vodka

Closes the top with a scotch vodka which is close to one million euros, and dates back to the year 2002. To develop its bottle is performed by a triple distillation of grain. A triple layer of ice, birch charcoal Nordic and diamond sand, and other precious stones. Its alcohol content is 40%.