The most expensive phone in the world

most expensive phone

It is absurd, but it is true: there are cell phones that are worth more than a million dollars. In this article, the ranking of the six most expensive phones in the world. Pure madness.

Falcon supernova pink diamond iPhone 6most expensive phone

It is currently the most expensive smartphone in the world. It is a luxury iPhone 6 made by Falcon, with an 18kt gold body and a large pink diamond set on the back. The price? 95.9 million dollars. But don’t worry, Falcon has also made a cheaper model with a platinum shell and a blue diamond. It will cost you only 48.5 million dollars!

iPhone 5 Black Diamondmost expensive phone

Only one unit was built, wanted, and sold to a Chinese entrepreneur. This very expensive iPhone 5 boasts many precious materials, including gold, diamonds, and stones. Its peculiarity, however, is the Home button, replaced by a rare black diamond. The price? 15.3 million dollars.

iPhone 6 Amosu Call of diamondmost expensive phone

The Apple logo of this iPhone 6 was made with a diamond. Likewise, the entire iPhone is covered with small diamonds (as many as six thousand) arranged by hand. It took two months to make just one unit of this iPhone. The cost is $ 2.7 million.

Goldvish le millionmost expensive phone

It is a mobile made entirely of 18K white gold and covered with 120kt diamonds. This device was bought by a Russian entrepreneur at a price of 1.3 million dollars.

Diamond Crypto Smartphonemost expensive phone

Looking very similar to that of an old Nokia 3310, this Crypto Smartphone actually has smart features and is designed to protect the user’s data. The phone features fifty small diamonds on the sides and a large diamond in the center. The price? 1.3 million dollars

Luxor Grasso Las Vegas Jackpotmost expensive phone

It is a particular GRASSO mobile phone with gold finishes and a back panel made of wood. Only 3 units were made worldwide and sold for $ 1 million.