Negotiation Techniques: 5 things to do … not to do business!

Negotiation Techniques

Doing business is a real art. There are very advanced techniques of negotiation, but to err is easy.

For 1000 negotiation techniques, there are many business opportunities. The sales techniques that are effective in a deal may not work in another similar. But there are certainly five things you would send to hell even easier and safer to deal in the world!

Here are 5 things to do to NOT do business: namely the 5 worst habits that destroy the possibilities to come out winners from any negotiation.

#1- Having a little knowledge of the situation

When it comes to doing business, one of the first rules to follow to be successful is certainly to know perfectly all about bargaining in place: the simple fact of ignoring certain details or details may jeopardize the success of negotiations irremediably, causing the business a more or less significant damage.

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#2- Do not exploit your strengths

To be able to adopt the sales techniques to generate tangible profits, it is important to identify the strengths of the company exploiting the best in negotiation: not being able to succeed in this means (in the vast majority of cases) make your commercial approach, as well as weak, even potential bankruptcy.

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#3- Talking too much and think little

On the subject of negotiation techniques, the practitioner willing to increase sales must learn that to achieve the desired result you need to talk less and listen-think more: just as happens, for example, in chess, silence and reflection allow to analyze the situation and to understand how best to proceed in anticipation of the next move, avoiding the negative effects caused by carelessness or excessive hurry.

Negotiation Techniques
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#4- Thinking that the first offer is not the right one

Whether it be for sale to private or B2B, anyone doing business or doing business should focus less on your first offer, justifying it by weighted reasoning and aligning it as much as possible to customer needs: if those who do not believe what is proposed is just the dealer, some consumers will not be doing it.

#5- Misrepresenting the facts

When you are faced with a negotiation (easy or difficult it is), it is strongly recommended to reduce to a minimum the misunderstandings, preferring a course of action focusing on key factors such as clarity, transparency and mutual understanding: all that brings misunderstandings or misconceptions always causes considerable damage to the negotiations.

Here are the 5 things that can render ineffective all trading techniques and possible winning sales techniques: tips to keep in mind to increase your chances of success.