When should I build landing pages into my website?

Landing pages offer great potential to any website owner. They can encourage increased leads and sales, and promote relationships with your prospects. Knowing how to use landing pages is key, so when should you use them?

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Long-term pages

If you offer free content on your site, promote a long-term offer, have how-to guides, a sign-up for newsletters or encourage users to get a quote, these are all suitable scenarios that lend themselves for use with a long-term landing page.

Even if you think it is obvious what the page entails, make it clear to users. Make the call to action obvious. According to Entrepreneur, make sure users know what to do next when they land on the page and opt into your offer.

Inbound marketing campaigns

A landing page can be beneficial if you run any inbound marketing campaigns. In particular, if you feature Google AdWords, social media or email campaigns, a unique landing page can be created and tailored to each method or platform.

Whatever your campaign, it’s vital that your landing page should match exactly what you have promised before the person clicks on the link. Use the same language, terms, images and words for consistency.

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If you want to segment marketing campaigns to reach different audiences, using segmented landing pages is a really effective way to achieve this. Crucially, you can measure and track the results from the campaigns to monitor their effectiveness, enabling you to better segment campaigns in the future.

Segmented landing pages let you easily target specific groups of customers with different campaigns to suit their preferences. Effective use of these can improve conversions as you speak directly to each target group. By directly connecting with different groups, it’s also easier to get your message across, streamline your conversion tracking and optimise your site.

When segmenting landing pages, make it clear what your offer is and what the benefits are to each consumer group. Many expert marketers believe that when it comes to landing pages, less content is more. If consumers are confronted with information overload, they may find it harder to achieve the desired call to action or recognise the benefits of the offer to them.