NHBC reports growth in new home completions

Figures published by the National House Building Council (NHBC) show that there is an increase in the number of new homes being completed.

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The role of the NHBC

The NHBC is a leading provider of insurance and warranties on new homes in the UK and has been setting standards of construction for registered builders since 1936. These services covering inspections and training for builders are ultimately of benefit to the buyers and homeowners. Their Buildmark warranty gives peace of mind to buyers.

Beyond that, the NHBC acts as a thought-leader and go-between, liaising with industry, government and other stakeholders to shape policy and standards across the housing industry.

More new homes

The NHBC reported that there were 14,000 new homes registered in the month of November, which was the second highest total for the year, and showing a 2% rise on the same period in 2017. This comes following a buoyant autumn, when there were more than 42,000 registrations for new-build homes, across both private and affordable sectors. The breakdown saw 33,104 registered in the private sector, and 10,641 were affordable homes.

Nine of the 12 regions around the UK saw an increase in new home registrations. Yorkshire saw the largest increase in the number of new homes, up 43%, matched by the growth in Humber, and followed in third place by Wales, where there was a 34% growth, and then southwest England at 21%. In contrast, the number of homes registered in London dropped 16% over the year, and the West Midlands saw a fall of 11%.

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Continued growth

These statistics show the strong growth in the market, and in the current uncertain political landscape, that will be a positive indicator, and also that the growth is spread around the UK. The current forecast for the coming year also remains strong.


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Building new homes looks set to remain on the government’s agenda and land is being allocated around the country for building.