Skills needed to move into business from another profession

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The great thing about the global business sector is that it offers diverse opportunities. Whether you opt to provide telecommunication solutions, work in recruitment, head up a copywriting agency or provide services in the security sector, there are endless possibilities for a new venture. Many people work in another profession before they decide to establish a career within business. From politicians to military personnel, it can sometimes seem daunting to not only find a new business career but also to acquire the skills needed to make it viable.

The good news is that many of the skills that you will have developed in other professions will be useful in business. These transferable skills will help you forge a business career that will not only be successful but also enduring.

But what skills should you have to make your new business venture or career a success?

Essential skills needed for business

 Among the skills you will need for most business related careers or ventures, the below are the most important.

  • Leadership – this is perhaps the most important trait to have, certainly if you will be setting up your own business. Being able to lead staff and also your company in the right direction is vital for success. Even if you plan to work for someone else, leadership is a great skill to have that most employers will value. It means that you already have a great advantage if moving into business from another sector. Najib Mikati is one such figure who used his leadership skills to great effect. He not only utilised them when prime minister of Lebanon twice, but also when building up his own business in the telecommunications industry called Investcom. 
  • Team-work – another great skill to have on your CV when moving into business is working as part of a team. This will enable you to work effectively with other people to help your business succeed. No-one can do it all alone and being able to work with people to get things done is essential. If you already have experience of working with others, then you will be well on the way to business success. 
  • People skills – as well as being able to lead, you must also be able to deal with people in the right way. Whether you are the boss of your own company or an employee in someone else’s, you must have the ability to engage with people and get along with them. Be sure to treat everyone with respect and act with integrity and you will be on the right track. Very often, this is another skill that can be built up in other professions like the military and used to great effect in business. 
  • Problem solving – however much you plan, there will always be unforeseen problems that occur in business. Whether it is one member of staff causing issues or a late delivery – problems are pretty much guaranteed! The important thing is being able to deal with them effectively and to remain calm under pressure. Rather than panicking, you need to find a solution quickly that is the best way to resolve what has happened. Once more, the profession you may be moving away from could already have given you this ability. 
  • Knowledge retention – if you are moving into business from anther profession then you will have to take in lots of new information. That will not only be about the sector you will move into specifically but also how the company you are setting up or working for operates. Being able to receive and retain information is therefore key to moving successfully into the business world.

Skills pay the bills 

If you are ready to make the leap from another profession into the business world then you need to know what is required. Being aware of the above skills that most business ventures will demand helps to prepare you for that next chapter in your life. As we have seen, the great thing is that most of them you will have acquired already from what you have been doing to date. For any skills that you think are lacking you will need to take steps to acquire them. After this period of personal development, you will then be ready to make your move into business. By having the right skills in place, you will be sure to make any new company a success or be a more attractive candidate to potential employers.