Optimizing Adwords campaigns


Campaigns Google Adwords are a good strategy to drive traffic to our website, but if not done properly, all that is achieved is that, traffic and nothing else.

The objective of the SEM campaigns is, therefore, achieve a good volume of quality traffic to your website and thus achieve a high number of conversions for your campaigns profitable.

Parapotenciar techniques the results of your campaigns SEM

Bidding settings

The campaign performance can vary greatly depending on the geographical area to which it is directed. Google Analytics should provide information about which areas are generating the most conversions and profits. Adjust your bids on Google Adwords based on these data.

Test ads

Prepare a couple of ads with different titles and keep the most profitable. Then combine them with a variety of URLs and select the winning ad. Repeat the process once a week, or once every two weeks depending on the amount of data accumulated in the account.

Negative Keywords

The search terms report shows which keywords trigger ads, in addition to the keywords that are part of the campaign. While this report is useful for recovering profitable keywords, it is even more useful for building lists of negative keywords to prevent your ad contains irrelevant terms and best use the budget.

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Evaluate bounce rate, time of visits and page views

You need to evaluate the potential of keywords not only from the point of view of conversion, but also taking into account how users behave on your site after clicking on a keyword. This is a good indicator of success that could have a remarketing campaign.

Excluding mobile network applications display

By default, display campaigns Google Adwords automatically show ads on mobile applications. More than 50% of clicks on banners mobile applications are accidental clicks.

Adapt the call to action for mobile users

Mobile users prefer to call it, so instead of saying “research” or “contact us” more effective “call us now”. The chances of conversions are exponentially higher when the call to action ads adapts to its users.

Anyway, do not forget that the SEM is a strategy to medium and long term, although most companies use for specific campaigns, which limits opportunities for learning and development of campaigns.