Overcomes fear and insecurity

Overcomes fear and insecurity

Follow these five tips to help you have confidence in yourself to take your business to the next level.

Fear and insecurity invade us all. When you manage to overcome the doubts and insecurities you can experience the freedom to be yourself and achieve your full potential as an entrepreneur. The most important thing is to understand that all people go through these feelings at some point in their lives, no matter how confident and secure in himself fit. After making a presentation at Google offices in New York, a member of the audience asked me, “How do manage to be so confident and secure?”. 

Overcomes fear and insecurity
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To which I replied, “How do you know I have so much confidence in myself? The truth is you do not know what I’m experiencing on the inside, I just know. You have the impression that I have great confidence in myself, but really do not know.” We talk about the importance of trust against fear, and let the alarm presentation of how relevant is this. I have seen many individuals who stop themselves to start something because of the great doubts about his own ability. So I give you five tips for when fear and insecurity appear: 

1 – Do not forget that is normal: When you are afraid or feel insecure, remind yourself you’re just feeling what most other people experience. You’re probably doing something that is new to you or excites you. Fear is a common feeling, and I would worry more if ever you felt. 

2 – Fill your calendar: As more busy I am, I feel safer. Never let too many blank spaces in your schedule and so never feel fear. I tell people, “If you want to know the devil, just watch a lot of free time.” A doubt loves people with lots of time to think about themselves and generate negative feelings. 

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3 – Accept afraid: For me, fear has become an indicator of the things that really need it and I do … and have had the best results. Do what you fear so much to do, so you’ll see only build confidence. I’m not suggesting taking physical risks, but you make the call you’ve both been avoiding. No matter what the results are, get out of the situation inspired with what you did instead of thinking less of you for not doing anything about it. 

4 – Get out of your comfort zone: The successful people do not seek comfort; seeks success and is willing to make it as uncomfortable. Most people seek tradition and comfort, which are traps that cause you to become mediocre. If you want to reach the next level with your business, you have to be comfortable doing what uncomfortable.