The technique of saving and spending money

Saving Money

If one of the main difficulties is to save, here is a way, doing what you likes so much (spending) may consider saving.

Do you buy to save or save to buy? We explained: The first statement refers to that if those who saw promotions prefer to buy in quantities that product, for the sake of saving; the second, to the things you buy do with money that has been accumulated over the over time.

Saving Money
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In general, in your daily behavior, you can have a bit of both; although there is always a greater tendency to either of the two sides; especially as spending money produces a kind of personal satisfaction, what makes you “acoustics be given”.

Whatever the case, this time we will tell you that saving is not necessary to limit your purchases. Of course, we must clarify that this strategy may not be useful to everyone, because it will mean, in a way, a continuity or permanence in shopping for products or services.

The strategy is suggested, who explain how often people looking to buy when you see or discounted deals and feel “happy and fulfilled” with it, thinking it did a great deal because, theoretically, you saved money.

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Well, not to get into the dilemma of how to tell when a discount is really a discount, the issue is that there is where the tactic to act: the money you tell you saved by buying discount or because you have some benefit for being a loyal customer, reset in cash and personal savings.

From discounts coupons, frequent flyer promotions to online shopping that offer these mechanisms, ensure that the additional money always translate into your own savings, with which it has a discipline and can start putting something specific.

The point is that, whether it was on discount or not, just, you bought that item, so end up paying a total value. Therefore, its money you were going to continue to spend but now will give a better fate.

Perhaps at this very moment it seems silly what we are proposing, but that is of $ 2,000, for every purchase you make, gradually you begin to form the fund for travel abroad, which has long wanted to do, or as a down payment to buy the car (or good, what is going to occur).

This also can be applied when you have a budget or a limit for certain purchases and, ultimately, ended up spending less. So, that money must be directed for the savings that we are explaining.

Saving is a habit that is not acquired from the overnight, it requires patience, sacrifice and total dedication in order to begin to “implement the chip” in the mind and then becoming something that comes as part personality.

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Fund “splurge”

Within the same strategy, if you simply feel uncomfortable with what we offer, we will teach one more discipline: no one denies that occasionally “gives taste” whether buying an ice cream or paying for new player music saw and loved. Notes that another way you can save spending, it imposed a “fine” for taking those tastes that come out expensive and does not help you meet your financial goals.

The point is that please pay a “tax” either the same value of the purchase made or half, but it is something that you should stop defined with yourself from the beginning so that, over time, do not change the rules at will. This is all about discipline and responsibility to yourself, so get to work and start your own strategy.