Busy Philipps Movies and TV Shows Review

Busy Philipps Movies and TV Shows Review

Whether you know her as tough girl Kim Kelly in Freaks and Geeks or lovably ditzy Laurie Keller in Cougar Town, there’s no denying that Busy Philipps has crafted an impressive acting career spanning over two decades. With her quick wit, expressive comedy, and down-to-earth charm, Philipps has won over audiences across both the big and small screens.

As one of Hollywood’s hardest working actresses, Philipps boasts an extensive filmography filled with scene-stealing supporting turns and memorable lead roles. But what are some of her most iconic performances over the years? And what makes her characters in busy philipps movies and tv shows so relatable? Let’s take a nostalgic walk down memory lane and revisit some quintessential Busy Philipps roles through the years.

Breaking Out in Freaks and GeeksBreaking Out in Freaks and Geeks

Long before she was a household name, a young Busy Philipps scored her big break playing the infamous Kim Kelly on Judd Apatow’s cancelled-too-soon coming of age series Freaks and Geeks. Set in 1980, the short-lived show centered around younger sibling Sam Weir (John Francis Daley) struggling to fit in with the “freaks” at his new high school. This ragtag group of outsiders included Daniel Desario (James Franco), Nick Andopolis (Jason Segel), Ken Miller (Seth Rogen)…and the quick-tempered Kim Kelly.

As the on-again/off-again girlfriend of Daniel, Kim immediately grabbed attention with her confrontational attitude, sarcastic quips, and surprisingly vulnerable characterization. Philipps brought immense depth to the role of an outcast struggling with an abusive home life. Audiences instantly connected with her complexity. Between chaotic club meetings, school skips, and late night parties, Philipps’ star-making turn as Kim demonstrated her knack for balancing drama and comedy.

So, while Freaks and Geeks only aired for one season before facing the dreaded cancellation axe, Busy’s career took off. Her stellar work earned her a Critics’ Choice Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. And judging by her continued success over twenty years later, it’s safe to say that her performance still resonates strongly today. Talk about freakin’ fantastic!

Hitting Dramatic Strides on Dawson’s Creek

In case you missed the late 90s teen drama explosion, Dawson’s Creek centered around four young friends coming of age in a quirky seaside town. When the third season premiered in 1999, producers added edgy photography student Audrey Liddell (Busy Philipps). She immediately sparred with Joey and caught feelings for sensitive songwriter Pacey.

As Audrey, Philipps sank her teeth into the juicy characterization of a bold, dynamic young woman covering up inner pain with sassy remarks and cool girl attitude. Her artsy aesthetic, complete with dark lipstick, mini skirts and combat boots, highlighted her status as an alternative outsider. But over three seasons, softer sides slowly emerged through tender moments with love interest Pacey and new bestie Joey.

By exploring Audrey’s character complexities and traumatic backstory involving an absent mother, Philipps demonstrated some serious dramatic acting chops. Whether cuttingly sarcastic or emotionally vulnerable, her stirring work added a welcome edge to Dawson’s Creek. Audrey’s arrival ushered in some heaviness that balanced the show’s saccharine leanings.

While never the leading lady, Busy’s eye-catching performance often stole focus from main stars Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams and Joshua Jackson. As New York Times critic Caryn James noted: “Busy Philipps adds a tart, funny presence as Audrey, the daring but insecure girl who accelerator the tired storylines.” So while fans tuned in for that beloved creek quartet, Philipps brought an invigorating new energy.

Hitting Comedic Strides on Cougar TownHitting Comedic Strides on Cougar Town

Of course, Philipps also knows how kill it in the comedy genre. Look no further than her fan favorite role as vibrant wine lover Laurie Keller in Cougar Town. Originally intended as a minor part, Laurie quickly became an integral member of the cul-de-sac crew fronted by Courteney Cox’s newly single Jules Cobb.

As the neighbor known for bounded enthusiasm, scattered one-liners and apartment rent struggles, Philipps absolutely stole focus in this wine-soaked Friends meets Golden Girls sitcom. Laurie’s exaggerated mannerisms, shrill delivery and unfiltered word vomit resulted in some seriously side-splitting moments. From unexpected Spanish dance breaks to misguided relationship advice, Philipps nailed punchline after punchline as this lovable mess.

Critics widely praised her performance as unexpectedly one of the greatest highlights among an already stellar ensemble cast. As Matt Roush of TV Guide gushed: “The ballsiest breakout is Busy Philipps, a pop-culture comet who steals laughs in every scene as the ultimate freeloading (but funny) neighbor.” Laurie’s popularity led to Philipps’ eventual promotion to series regular by the second season.

By balancing heartwarming friendship moments with A+ comedic timing, Philipps’ reliably hilarious work as Laurie earned her critical raves and viewer affection over six memorable seasons. It remains one of her most celebrated roles that perfectly showcases that trademark ‘Busy’ charm.

Making Her Mark in Memorable Film Roles

A small screen sensation, Philipps also demonstrated scene-stealing magnetism across various memorable movie roles. One iconic early turn was 2004 comedy smash hit White Chicks. Alongside funny lady friends Maitland Ward and Jennifer Carpenter, Philipps plays Karen; the stylish ringleader of a trio who befriend quirky new pals/disguised FBI agents (Shawn and Marlon Wayans).

As the bubbly blond constantly pushing inappropriate conversational boundaries, Philipps made most of the limited screen time. Her whiskey-drinking Karen comes alive through fun banter and unhinged dance moves. With her confident charisma, Philipps’ supporting role grabs viewer attention even beside the two chaotic leads dragging around in latex face masks. Absolutely iconic!

While primarily known for comedy, Philipps later flexed further acting range opposite Patrick Dempsey in 2008 romcom Made of Honor. As Tom’s (Dempsey) sexually adventurous gal pal Melissa, she goes toe-to-toe with the handsome leading man. Showing a knack for physical humor, Melissa notably initiated a memorable love scene romp gone wrong. Alongside scene partner Sydney Pollack, Philipps managed hilarious mishaps while still creating a poignant emotional subplot.

Additionally, who could ever forget Philipps as one-date wonder Kelli Ann in 2009 romcom smash He’s Just Not That Into You? Pitted against Scarlett Johansson while competing for Bradley Cooper’s affection, she held her own with an impressive supporting turn. Audiences instantly connected with her character’s dating woes and insecurities masked by a bubbly demeanor. As Entertainment Weekly declared: “The perky Busy Philipps scores some of the movie’s biggest laughs as one of Cooper’s communicative exes.”

Making Her Mark in Memorable Film RolesShining in Television Comedy Guest Roles

A proven sitcom all-star, Philipps’ larger-than-life comedic presence also periodically pops up across other popular television comedies. Most notably, she played fan favorite recurring roles as tough-talking tabloid editor Sheena on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and absent-minded socialite Ursula Whitiker on Speechless. But additionally, her memorable guest spots always leave viewers wanting more.

Take Philipps’ two appearances as Crystal Cohen, an unfiltered mom friend of Christy (Anna Faris) on the sitcom Mom. As a chaotic, confident tornado, she shook things up on the usually drama-heavy series and shared effortless chemistry with stars Faris and Allison Janney. Many fans expressed hoping producers might bring her back someday for season 8 before its unexpected cancellation.

The actress also cameoed as herself across HBO comedy smash hit Curb Your Enthusiasm, getting hilariously disturbed by Larry David’s awkward bathroom behavior. During a season six episode, Philipps steals focus while grabbing lunch with Jenna Elfman. True to form, her exaggerated reactions to Larry’s uncomfortable invasive hovering created some truly LOL moments.

And most recently as 90s singer Summer on Peacock’s vibrant music comedy Girls5eva, Philipps brought plenty of laughs and surprising heart. Alongside powerhouse talents Sara Bareilles, Renée Elise Goldsberry and Paula Pell, she rounded out the girl group quartet seamlessly. As fan reactions poured in, USA Today summed up viewer sentiments stating: “The tremendously talented Busy Philipps is comedy gold as she oscillates between lovably ditzy and the emotional leader of the reunited group.” Off to a strong start, we expect big things when the hit comedy returns for season two!

What Makes Busy Philipps Characters So Relatable?What Makes Busy Philipps Characters So Relatable?

So whether going toe-to-toe with James Franco, getting wine-drunk with Courteney Cox, or facing breakup obstacles beside Scarlett Johansson, what is it exactly that makes Busy Philipps’ characters to relatable? There’s just something about her down-to-earth screen presence and willingness to take comedic chances that resonates so strongly with audiences.

Unafraid of looking silly or crossing boundaries, Philipps fully leans into every fictional persona she inhabits. And with immense heartfelt depth beneath the larger-than-life humor, viewers see themselves in even her kookiest turns. We root for these underdogs to find fulfilment and conquer insecurities.

Of course, her bold attitude and refusal to apologize for taking up space also provides inspiration. As Dana Schwartz of Entertainment Weekly astutely notes: “There’s never a hint of self-deprecation in Busy’s comedy […] And watching someone unabashedly prioritize her own joy and interests above everything else feels quietly revolutionary.” Female viewers in particular connect deeply with such self-acceptance.

Combine all that with a complete absence of vanity and you have the key ingredients to Busy Philipps’ magical relatability formula. She doesn’t shy away from awkwardness, speech impediments, uncoordinated physical humor, or looking less than picture perfect glam. And by allowing herself to get utterly messy on-screen, we only grow to love her hilarious heroines even more. What’s not relatable about that?

So whether she’s mastering witty quips as Kim Kelly or knocking back wine coolers as Laurie Keller, Busy Philipps wins over the world with equal parts charisma and candid charm. Her comedy always strikes a welcome balance between outlandish laughs and poignant sincerity. And with many more memorable projects definitely still on the horizon, we know Philipps’ reign as Hollywood’s relatable sweetheart is only just getting started. Cheers to that!

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Busy Philipps’ breakout role?

Philipps’ breakthrough happened with her scene-stealing role as rebellious outcast Kim Kelly on 1999 coming-of-age series Freaks and Geeks. As the on-again/off-again girlfriend of leading man Daniel Desario (James Franco), Philipps won critical acclaim for bringing immense depth to the surprisingly complex teen. Her emotional performance still resonates strongly today!

Is Busy Philipps mainly known as a TV or movie actress?

While boasting some stellar film roles, Philipps became best known as a television comedy icon thanks to fan favorite runs on hits like Dawson’s Creek, Cougar Town, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and currently, Girls5eva. Her sitcom performances often steal focus thanks to impeccable comedic timing.

What was Busy Philipps’ most famous movie role?

As charming one-date wonder Kelli Ann in 2009 romcom ensemble He’s Just Not That Into You, Philipps stole scenes opposite A-listers Scarlett Johansson and Bradley Cooper. Critics widely praised her show-stopping supporting turn as one of the film’s standout highlights.

What was Busy Philipps’ most famous TV role?

Without a doubt, Philipps’ role as kooky wine lover Laurie Keller on sitcom Cougar Town became her most famous television part. Originally intended as minor character, Laurie quickly won over viewers as an unexpected breakout ensemble member. Philipps nailed punchline after punchline over six hilarious seasons.

Why did Busy Philipps leave Cougar Town?

Philipps remained a Cougar Town regular for the entire six season run before the show ended in 2015. She did not voluntarily leave the sitcom. In fact, her uproarious performance was so popular that producers expanded Laurie’s initially small role into a main cast member by season two!

Last Thoughts

With her self-deprecating humor, willingness to take comedic chances, and immense heart beneath the punchlines, Busy Philipps boasts an irresistible, relatable charm. Over two decades since her star-making big breakout on Freaks and Geeks, she continues captivating viewers across television and film.

I’ve heard that Busy Philipps has been involved in a lot of amazing projects over the years. If you’re interested in checking out her work, you might want to look into some of the Busy Philipps movies and TV shows that she’s been a part of. With her impressive range and undeniable talent, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! And with many more promising projects definitely still on the horizon, we happily look forward to all the laughs, wisdom and comfort Busy Philipps still has in store. Wedding photography is changing, capturing the evolving essence of love and celebration in a style that mirrors the fantastically dynamic brilliance of Busy, whether mastering witty dialogue, embracing messy physical comedy, or delving into impressive dramatic emotional depths. Here’s to a future where each snapshot tells a unique and vibrant story, just like Busy’s two decades of multifaceted brilliance!

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