Sales techniques: The 7 basic strategies to increase sales

Sales techniques

If you are also looking for sales techniques and special systems that allow you to increase sales and increase the profits of your business, we recommend that you immediately take our 7 tips below: a series of effective strategies and suggestions designed specifically to sell more easily!

1# Promote-advertise your business

Considering the fact that consumers looking for products to buy, usually prefer to turn to companies already known, if you want to increase the earnings of your reality, you must necessarily promote it with all the possible channels: paper publications in newspapers and magazines, but also television, radio, billboards, flyers, brochures and the Internet represent only some of the main means of communication to be exploited to the maximum to transmit your message to the target.

2# Propose-sponsor special offers and discounts

Even if all sellers know perfectly well that the public loves special offers, there are many who ignore how to propose them correctly: which promotional formulas to launch in order not to lose out? Regardless of whether you choose percentage discounts, in cash, by categories or with formulas like the 3X2, the important thing is that you always keep all the customers of your initiatives up to date, reporting them, for example, on special brochures, brochures or advertising spaces.

Sales techniques

3# Choose a purchasing process that can guarantee and guarantee security

Are you sure that your products-services are of the highest quality? Prove it by offering buyers solutions such as reimbursement guarantees, merchandise return programs or “guaranteed satisfaction” policies which, in addition to reassuring customers during the purchase phase, also help you to demonstrate your company’s total availability to of the public.

4# Participate in community life

The assiduous participation in local events, charity projects, meetings and festivals in the area, represents a valid trick to let you know by the citizens, increasing the chances of finding new customers interested in your services.  The events to be taken into greater consideration to gain notoriety are dinners, fundraisers, auctions, non-profit meetings, fairs and, more generally, all those meeting places in which to face with the pride of those who participate in the growth of the community!

5# Learn and use the concept of upselling

This sales strategy, which focuses on the trader’s ability to push customers to buy “something more”, can be used, for example …

  • Proposing a slightly better model by slightly increasing the overall price, or suggesting a slightly higher product or service than the one sought;
  • When to stimulate the customer ready to buy to add a small difference to have optional services or ancillary products (a bit like the salesmen of the big chains when after buying a shoe, for example, they propose specific socks or insoles ).

6# Make the products try before buying

From what world it is the free trials represent one of the bestselling techniques to allow the public to experience firsthand the benefits of certain items and, consequently, also to induce them indirectly to purchase. Do you manage a beauty center? Give free bottles of creams! Are you a dealership owner? Propose free driving tests! By doing so, you are sure of the fact that the desire to buy something already tested-appreciated will certainly be greater! Product experience has always been one of the best ways to convince a potential buyer.

7# Push your collaborators to demonstrate the value of the products sold and incentives with prizes or bonuses

Do you know when there are employees in shopping malls who explain to passers-by the use of certain items, enhancing all their qualities to the maximum? For example, sometimes it happens to see demonstrations with fryers, electric grills or juicers that, even if in reality they might not be useful at all, they are magically transformed into indispensable products that can no longer be dispensed with. Persuasive sales technique that is really effective especially if the employees in charge of the presentation of the aforementioned items are encouraged to sell with prizes and various kinds of bonuses: whether they are small commissions (percentages on total costs), packages of rewards (gifts, longer breaks, etc.), special promotions or any other type of incentive, try to reward your employees every time they deserve it, so that they are really stimulated to increase sales!

These are our practical tips to sell better and more regardless of the product sector to which they belong: effective sales techniques to be exploited every day with the sole purpose of increasing turnover!