Some interesting things about The Office (the sitcom).

It is generally considered to be one, if not the finest comedies set in the workplace. Whilst Ricky Gervais’s only ran for 2 seasons on British TV the American version with Steve Carrell ran much longer. As we start to embrace home working, the Office starts to seem more like a historic record than the mockumentary it is. Seeing the cast roaming around in their Operator Chair you feel a bit wistful. At least if you need an office chair Operator chairs from Best buy office chairs have fast delivery to the home or office. Here are some interesting facts about the UK show.

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  1. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant sent the BBC a video of David Brent, rather than a script, so that they would see what the writers had in mind. They loved it.
  2. Events in the show were heavily based on Gervais own 8 year experience of middle management. He particularly hated training.

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  1. Completing the mockumentary feel is Gordon the Janitor. He stares transfixed into the camera for great lengths at a time. It’s actually Stephen Merchant’s Dad,
  2. The Focus groups didn’t get it. It was given extremely low ratings by critics and test audiences. Slowly they came round.
  3. Despite this the BBC showed faith in the pair and left them to it without any interference,
  4. Gervais admits that of all the roles he’s played David Brent is the most fun.
  5. Amazingly, Gareth was based on a real person. The character was not much of a change from the original.

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