What is archetitectural technology and how is it used in 2020

Are you someone who has an interest in architecture and the technology surrounding building structure? Are you both creatively and scientifically minded? If so a career as an architectural technologist could be right up your street.

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What Is an Architectural Technologist?

This field is as lucrative as it is innovative. With senior level salaries ranging from anywhere between 30-100k, there are plenty of financial incentives in this sector. One American economic study predicted an average salary of over $52,000. But aside from a generous salary, the work of an architectural technologist is important in creating safe, functional buildings for a variety of purposes.

This is because the main duties of an architectural technologist focus on the design – both in terms of construction, technical design and sustainability – of new buildings and indeed those that are under renovation. Usually an architectural technologist will work with other designers, engineers and construction workers who may use equipment such as Electric Press Brakes available from places like https://www.cotswold-machinery-sales.co.uk/euromac/electric-press-brakes/  to turn blueprints into reality. The blueprints may go through a number of tweaks and alterations depending on whether they can be brought into reality.

What Do Other Duties Include?

Some of the other duties associated with this sector include overseeing project briefs, understanding legal implications such as land registry and regulatory issues, using both traditional and computer based drawing methods to create design proposals, risk assessments and liaising with clients and the relevant authorities as necessary. S

What Are the Progression Routes?

Those who want to work their way up to senior positions or chartered members of The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists may even be in with a chance of managing projects and ultimately running their own practice. This senior level is equivalent to holding a masters degree in the same sector.

How Can I Become an Architectural Technologist?

In order to pursue a career as an architectural technologist it is advantageous to study an undergraduate degree programme accredited by the CIAT. Only a handful of organisations across the UK offer this specific course however. Other related degrees may include computer aided engineering and construction. Work experience can also be extremely beneficial and gives candidates the invaluable opportunity to network and gain experience within the industry. Some programmes offer work placement options while studying.