Take the plunge from employee to entrepreneur

Employee to entrepreneur

We reveal the experience of a senior executive who became employee to entrepreneur. If you are all ready to take the plunge?

Sometimes the routine can be our worst enemy and fear to break something established and well – known is a difficult obstacle defender.

In theory, life can be seen as a cycle in which a person between 20 and 50 years, spends most of his time working in a company, then get a comfortable and coveted retirement. The reality is that people who have what could be described as a lifetime devoted to work, know little rest and leisure.

However, those who realize that their experience is a wonderful tool to undertake not hesitate to use it to transform your future in the genuine realization of your dreams.

Employee to entrepreneur
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In this article we present the experience of an entrepreneur with a successful corporate career to break the routine decided to embark on creating your own business. Having worked you engraves corporations with secure salaries and other benefits, is now experiencing, falls, recovers to lift your small business and representable: Why did not before?

After working as director of corporate communications for multinational company Nestle, Rafael Davila, decided to leave behind the world of being employed and form their own company. His intention was clear: to fully enjoy all aspects of their personal and professional lives but, above all, decide to continue working without losing sight of the fun involved.

For 30 years, Davila had worked for other companies, reaching senior positions in related marketing, advertising and communication companies like J. Walter Thompson areas, Sanborn’s, McCann-Ericson, and Nestle. After this walk, emerged in this entrepreneur concerns the change when he and his wife made a reflection on the future expectations and how they wanted to maximize their time and their children.

These decisions are not easily taken because you get used inasmuch things. . . But it is never too late to start a new career Dávila says.

Start something new, especially a business, involves “… break habits, such as arriving every morning at the same place ysaber what exactly you have to do, says Davila.

Once seriously considered the fact stop will work for other companies -supported by his family, he decided to take the plunge with the firm intention of starting a new career and start a business. One of his friends, who are dedicated to developing and printing photographs, helped him to become familiar with the world of development laboratories of Davila, was quite attracted to develop the idea of his new challenge.

Reinventing Business

Although the turn of the new task (photography) not conscionable directly with your career, this entrepreneur applied his knowledge of image and marketing to not create a company equal to this entire bunch, but tries to give the people a new service within an existing market, Davila says.

Thus established Foto Club, a company that since suggestion, raised as a chain where customers were a club where they receive personalized service, credit sale, equipment rental, promotions, and offer what is sold in all photo labs. “It’s a establishments where low-income people have opportunity to rent equipment and pay on credit. If a person has a celebration, Photo Club offers photographic film and, in many cases, the income of a camera, with the possibility of paying $ 10 per week (approximately US $ 1!). This system has worked very well because people are very fulfilled to pay and have won many customers through our payment facilities, Dávila said.

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Gains from the Reset

His idea of converting its promising business chain is not far from realized. After starting with a store today it has three establishments has risen more than seven months of the start.

As for profits, Photo Club gets between US $3000 to US $4000 per store and its profit margins ranging from 40 to 50 percent.

For Dávila, the goal of having several establishments grows daily; for now, it is focused on reinvesting those profits to expand their business to the rest, as the credit system (applied to a photography business) is little known in other states of the Republic. Although image continues to consulting and marketing sporadically, doing so it has become a hobby for this entrepreneur.

Losing Leadership?

According to Davila, perhaps what is most strange of corporate life is always attractive sense of directing; be who leads the ideas and projects … in a word, knowing leader. However, this does not mean that in a business suit that leadership is lost but simply means starting from a different perspective: to work for oneself, for one’s own business, own resources, in a field where any error has a high cost, both moral and economic for Dávila, that same sense of leadership “is the one that provides the strength to go on, bring people and resources and achieve predetermined goals.”

Having a business, on the other hand, “it allows me to enjoy my kids, not wearing a tie and have flexible hours. Take the time to oneself, producing for himself and paying more attention to everything that generates a good feeling of affection. Perhaps the material results initially be lower (that is a risk that, under any circumstances entrepreneur, you have to face), but gaining more followers via appreciation and no authority concludes Dávila.