The Benefits of Being around People in a Coworking Environment

With coworking being the new trend in office solutions, professionals can open up shop much closer to some of the more prestigious locations, especially near Singapore’s central business district. Co-working affords, in many cases, you a professional address and a dedicated phone number, in addition to a number of amenities that you would find in a conventional office lease. However, there are more benefits to the co-working space than just its affordability.

For one, co-working holds a few social benefits, as well. Just by virtues of the way most offices are set up, professionals engage each other. Most leasing companies have both shared and dedicated desks, so professionals can work alone or among other people. Servcorp coworking spaces in Singapore are one of the more popular options offering professionals the flexibility to work in this type of environment. In many ways, this office arrangement has made the average workday more productive for many professionals.

Continue reading below for more information regarding the social benefits of co-working.

Collaboration And Networking

One of the major benefits of co-working is it encourages professionals to collaborate, and more importantly, network. Daily interactions at the office almost force professionals to engage each other because at one hot desk you might find three, four, even five industries working together. While at work, professionals spend time chatting about both their personal and professional lives and then these conversations sometimes turn into real opportunities to work together on projects that further interest of all parties involved.

Networking is also at play here as well. Even though people have the opportunity to network while working, most of these opportunities come after hours. Many co-working spaces hold after-hours functions like your average happy hour to sessions that groom professionals to become better entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the statistics also show those who engage in co-working benefit in terms of getting more business as a result of networking.

Mentoring Possibilities

Another social benefit of working in co-working spaces are the possibilities to find great mentors. Again, many times in the course of your workday, you find yourself engaging with people from all walks of life, and some of these professionals can show you how to handle the more difficult parts of going into business alone. Co-working just makes it easier for you to connect with more seasoned, experienced professionals who, in turn, can be a resource for you as well.

Prevents Loneliness And Isolation

One of the central benefits to co-working spaces is that because professionals are surrounded by others they do not suffer from the isolation that characterises working at home. While you are in the comfort of your own home, working alone creates a situation where you become isolated from other professionals in your industry. What’s worse is this isolation gets in the way of your efforts to grow your business. One can technically run a business due to the advances in internet technology, but getting the word out there about your business requires getting in to know people, and nothing takes the place of social engagement.

Mental Health And Wellness

The social benefits of co-working translate into feeling better about the work you do. Many professionals who use co-working spaces report being happier at work. While your work might be arduous and sometimes tedious, you might find that being part of a professional, social network that is comprised of people from all walks of life and diverse industries makes work bearable. Ultimately, happy workers are productive ones as well.

Putting The “P” In Productivity

Even though creating a social environment at work might seem counterintuitive for productivity, being surrounded by people throughout the day can actually motivate professionals to work even more. The numerous advantages of joining the co-working workforce translate into more opportunities to grow your business. Nevertheless, being in a room full of harried professionals all trying to promote their ideas is a whole lot more appealing than sitting around in your pyjamas and facing your computer alone at home.