The business strategy must consider your venture

The business strategy

The action has the man in front of your environment to be maintained for a long time and does not suffer from serious environmental damage is called sustainability or sustainability. It’s how you are contributing so that our resources are not depleted and stay The Biodiversity.

In this concern, the world has worked with strategies and projects that help make the planet sustainable for the future. Companies for example, ethical and social thinking, have implemented within their policies and practices environmental efforts involving the proper use of inputs and mechanisms that protect the environment and human quality.

The business strategy
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However, although the liability commitment was given time become an expense for industries, including fashion. Today want to bet on environmental efforts is a competitive business opportunity itself and a possibility of reducing business costs.

And not just for large enterprises, as small and medium also should meddle in the ‘sustainable wave’ as the challenge becomes attractive for them, to the extent that helps them build a sense of innovative and profitable business. Companies that until now begin with entrepreneurs often characterized by being creative and flexible when implementing new ideas.

In the specific case, the most representative of its economy businesses are SMEs, of which there are 2.5 million micro, small and medium enterprises across the country according to the latest report, of which the greater participation is represented in businesses such as neighborhood stores, barber shops and restaurants, this according to the latest census conducted by the firm trade.

How to achieve savings and sustainability

Given the above aspects, Personal Finance tells four tips, according Juriscoop and Entrepreneur, which must take into account to ensure that your business is committed to environmental responsibility and at the same time takes advantage of it to save on the best possible way:

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  • Check operational processes. Analyze your company, check what is occurring to determine which areas are higher generating costs so we can work on them are Measure and compare from month to month or even year to year, energy consumption and the habits of their employees, if it detects any malpractice, talk to your employees.
  • Organize activities: motivate both your employees and your customers to worry about the ecosystem, show them you are doing your business in sustainable measures, this will help the perception they have about the brand is favorable. It also achieved that identify with your company and what it does.
  • More action and less policy: ‘The paper everything looks very nice’, it is no use to type in your habits company standards or practices that must be done, but not running. So get to work, cotice and seek funding for that ideal sustainable business that wants to start, it will help you not put economic stability of your business at risk.
  • Start with the least: make changes in small projects or areas of your business, invest in inputs, TOOLS or ecological elements and if you realize that actually works, go climbing until implemented in all aspects of your company. Company cited by Entrepreneur, for example changed the roof of its facilities to allow entry of more clarity and use less artificial lighting during the day. Then he installed photovoltaic cells to generate their own electricity.

Finally, it is recommends that “as far as possible be avoided borrowing from the organization to implement new projects, the savings culture in the business world is paramount”.