The importance of recruitment


Unlike large corporations where huge investments in advertising media virtually guarantee that their products are “selling themselves”, the vast majority of SMEs using sales forces to market their products and this makes a fundamental difference.

Then success lies in the talent you have sellers, which depends not only on their training in the product, but a number of personal attributes that the sales agent must possess. The reality is that not all people have the same characteristics and, therefore, all are unfit to carry out successfully the work of sales.

The successful salesperson

To succeed in sales we must ensure to hire people with the personality traits of the best sellers in the world. Some of these traits or characteristics areā€¦

Extrovert: People who have no trouble speaking in public since sometimes be necessary sales presentations to more than one person, and an introvert seller would have more difficulties to realize it.

I self-motivated: One of the most important factors when working with people are the emotional changes constantly because we tend to suffer them: anger, depression, joy, disappointment. They all have an impact on the workplace. Sellers are no exception and success in sales depends largely that sellers are able to control their emotions, self -motivated to keep the pace of work and achieve their goals.

Disciplined: In most companies the work of marketers lies in “walk the streets” looking for new prospects. This makes them difficult to monitor and control. Consequently, if the seller is not self – disciplined and chooses to rest or personal activities rather than sales presentations, the company will not achieve its goals and the seller will end up losing their jobs.

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Able to socialize: Extroverted does not guarantee success as seller. It is also required that the person is able to establish bonds of trust with the customer, because the more customers trust the seller, the higher sales volume. Sell a product once it is relatively easy; how difficult it is to make the customer buy from us regularly and, in this sense, the vendor-customer relationship is a key factor.

With push: Many vendors what happens to marathoners when they reach the goal: subside and take a long time to recover. This reaction is because many people are accustomed to short – term rather than long. A person with drive is one that he is about to reach a goal, rather than slow down, speeding up and run a mile.

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Tolerant of frustration: Many of the people affected as much being told ”no”, which is enough to get discouraged and stop working on a business reason. Sellers should know that the sales job is a job of probabilities, where positive and negative responses are received, and the more sales presentations made, more positive responses received.

Empathetic: Is the ability of people to ” take the place of another.” When a salesperson manages to be empathetic with his client, he has won an ally within the organization. This feature is a priority to handle the objections put prospects to make a purchase, and to solve problems that arise with customers.

With service attitude: We live in highly competitive times, where the service is indispensable to increase and maintain the customer base attitude. In the past it was thought that having a good product was enough to keep the business relationship with customers. In this it has been found that people, who do not give a service that distinguishes your company, condemn the imminent failure.

The above are just some of the features that are seeking the most successful companies in the people who will be part of your sales force. It is desirable to find staff that meets as many of them as they will most likely be the most successful salespeople in your organization.