What marketers look for in their ideal workers?

Digital Marketing

What makes the marketing team of a company achieve success? What that positions the company in an outstanding position to achieve their goals and connect with consumers? There are several abilities and talents that have been given keys over recent years in marketing workers. Skills in the digital arena, such as the domain in matters of data or knowledge of the ‘secrets’ of social networks, have been consideration by analysts as one of the main points to cover marketing teams.

Ask those responsible for these teams paint a very similar picture. A recent study by Spencer Stuart asked 150 marketing leaders are the key parts and are most desirable to form teams and marketing them from practice and direct experience, talents and skills have pointed also very on that line.

Digital Marketing
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Marketers seek especially experts in the network and are able to make the most of it. According to the study, the most sought capacity among employees is to be good in digital marketing, including the domain of social networks and social media strategies. That is the skill considered more important by 62% of marketing leaders who choose it as the most crucial ability to achieve success marketing team today. Behind her other closely linked to the digital world and its challenges talents are positioned. 49% rated as most important data analysis and 48% strategic thinking.

Behind them are positioned as quite far in percentages, many other issues that mark the work of the companies in recent times. And 28% value the brand marketing, 22% capacity in consumer acquisition and retention, 19% in product marketing, 17 in product innovation and marketing both channel 15 and creativity. Behind them skills in advertising and marketing communication (9%), financial knowledge (9%), corporate communications (7), email and direct mail (6) or corporate marketing (1%) are positioned. The capabilities that are more in line are the ‘usual’ and are therefore perhaps less valued. Most likely it is that the company already has those skills on your computer.

The hardest thing to find

In fact, if you look at what those responsible for marketing costs them more to find when building teams you can see that those capabilities most valuable thing is, in the end, they are easier to find. Only 1% admitted having trouble finding skilled workers in corporate marketing and only 3% say the same of experts in email or corporate communication workers.

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The most difficult skills to find are the same as top the list of most valued as a key to success today in the team (and therefore the workers in the sector must prioritize their training if they want to position themselves in highlights to boost his career) positions. So 57% recognizes that cost find experts in data analysis, making it the most difficult skill to find. Strategic thinking behind it (see how complicated 51%) and medium digital / social marketing (45%) are positioned. Creativity although not prominently on the table what is considered more important position is however difficult to find 21% think so.

Given that these data previous to point out that the main problem marketing teams face is that of budget constraints (so sees 33%) followed by problems in finding add the seek and need talent (29%), previous data acquired a new dimension.

The profile of the perfect leader

Marketers not only have clear what they need on your computer and making it difficult to find to meet their needs and obligations, but also have clear how they should be themselves to succeed. Marketing leaders are well aware, therefore, of how the robot portrait of the perfect leader is.

Thus, 71% are convinced that the main feature that distinguishes it as a good marketing leader, its main strength is being able to think strategically. After that ability to be able to generate results (to 64%) and being able to empower members equip (40%) is located. The list is completed by developing talent (30%), being able to win lining up with the changes (28%), develop solid agreements (17%), knowledge of digital marketing / social networks (another 17%), creativity (15 %), data analysis (14%), financial efficiency (11%), product innovation (9%) and product marketing (5%).