The principle of world’s most powerful marketing

Powerful marketing

As a customer, you’ve probably received literally millions of ad sales. Some of them work, most do not. Have you ever wondered why most of them do not work? Most likely it is because messages do not achieve any key point of differentiation between bid and another. This means that you have not been clear why choose one company over another.

If you are looking for a marketing campaign is to close more sales, then you must communicate clearly and effectively to your target market that you are different and also being one who best meets the needs of your customers.

To achieve this, you must use the most powerful marketing concept in the world to achieve greater profitability of your business … The “Unique Selling Feature” (CUV).

Powerful marketing
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The CUV is a unique and exclusive value or the “great promise” that makes your prospects prefer to you rather than someone else. This is one of the most powerful reasons why if you have a CUV, your marketing is successful and more easily attract new customers to your business.

Even if your business is not really different from the competition, customers must perceive that you are different. A good CUV is not an advertisement, but should be part of your advertising. Your CUV must be integrated into the way you do business and every marketing effort you make.

So how can you differentiate yourself from your competitors? Let me share you six effective ways to do this…

1) Provides additional value: Give more than what your customers are paying. This is to offer your products in integrated packages, such as maintenance, three for the price of two, guarantees etc.

2) It offers high quality experience: It is one of the most effective ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. It becomes an obsession of business on providing your customers an exceptionally warm personal experience when you buy. This way you will be called whenever they need your services and the best, you will refer you to their friends and acquaintances.

3) Convenience: This CUV has generated millions of dollars to many companies in the world, including Dominos and McDonalds. The easiest way to make improvements in your business is to make the next question to your customers: “If there was one thing you could change to make your life easier and more convenient to buy from us, what would it be?” With this you will get more than 30 different answers. You have key trends and especially the possibility of offering different solutions to common problems. Try different ways to make it simpler and easier to buy you. Improving what your competitor already offers.

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4) It offers more specialized services: Remember that sometimes less is more. Offer more specialized products for a specific market it makes it much more attractive offer.

5) It offers a unique and attractive warranty: Try a guarantee of delivery time, quality service guaranteed, with a promise of your money back. Not only is a proposal to capture the attention of more prospects quickly, but it is a highly effective way to generate credibility Great! Of course, this requires you to ensure that systems are efficient and you guarantee profitability negation is just some of the alternatives. I really think the limit in generating customer value is your own imagination ability and desire to win more loyal customers. Perfectly recalls that having a strong CUV will generate many more customers. The question is: Would you like to find a highly powerful CUV for your business?

6) Offer your services at lower cost: Surely this is the weakest CUV! A significant number of companies lower their prices to vender. This sometimes forces you to respond in the same way, lower prices. However, this is a game to lose – lose, and most likely will take your business to bankruptcy. Most business owners use low prices as a CUV simply because they do not know other ways to compete. The truth is that people rarely make a purchase decision on price alone. So better find another compelling reason for your customers to choose you.

When someone asks you a discount, a great way to respond is to ask, “Is the most important thing for you money?” This will open the door to inform them about your true CUV … and what makes you different from other competitors. It will also give the opportunity to help more effectively. The prospect wants confidence in your service with a quality product. It is therefore necessary to show that the value for the quality of your service is much more important than another product cheaper price. Visit for more tips on daily needs.