The things you need to look for in a PR company

When you decide to invest in using a PR agency, it’s important that they’re a good fit for your business and that they align with your business objectives. One size definitely doesn’t fit all, and you’ll need to find a company that can help you to move forward. But how do you objectively assess a PR company? Here are five key things to look for when choosing the right agency for you.

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Being customer focused

Never forget that a PR company is working for you, not the other way around. Your PR company should want to hear your voice, first and foremost, and should listen to what you have to say. If a company treats you as just another client rather than offering a bespoke and individualised service, cross them off your list.


It’s easy to think of transparency as simply a buzzword, but a good PR firm should be open and honest with you throughout the course of your relationship. You should always know exactly what it is you’re getting for your investment, so if you feel you’re being dealt with in generalities then they may not be the PR firm for you.

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An outstanding track record

Always ask for samples of work, including case studies, and be suspicious of any company unwilling to provide these. The PR agency should be able to back up their sales pitch with real life experience and a proven ability to produce results. For example, if you’re looking for an events agency in Dublin such as you should first ask to see the agency’s previous events. It’s the easiest way to separate the talkers from the doers.

Focus on results

A good PR firm will deliver great results quickly, usually within a matter of weeks. If a firm takes up to 3-6 months to deliver, than it’s time to take your money elsewhere. If you’re paying for the service, then it’s unacceptable that your PR firm isn’t delivering.

Be specialised

It’s crucial that the PR company you choose is specialised in your field, and really understands your aims. They should also have the right connections to be able to feature your business in the best possible way, whether that’s via social media or in magazines.